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British English: /kiːp/
American English: /kip/

Translation of keep in Italian:


transitive verb pass., p.pass. kept

  • 1 (cause to remain) See examples:to keep somebody in hospital, indoors
    tenere qualcuno in ospedale, in casa
    obbligare qualcuno a stare in ospedale, in casa
    to keep something, somebody clean
    tenere qualcuno, qualcosa pulito
    to keep something warm, cool
    tenere qualcosa al caldo, al fresco
    to keep somebody warm
    tenere caldo a qualcuno
    tenere caldo, riscaldare qualcuno
    to keep somebody cool
    tenere fresco a qualcuno
    proteggere qualcuno dal caldo
    to be kept clean, warm, locked
    essere tenuto pulito, al caldo, chiuso
    to keep somebody talking, waiting
    fare parlare, attendere qualcuno
    I won't keep you to your promise
    non ti obbligherò a mantenere la promessa
    to keep an engine, a machine running
    tenere acceso un motore, tenere accesa una macchina
    bronchitis kept him in bed
    la bronchite l'ha costretto a letto
  • 3 (retain)
    (book, letter, money, receipt)
    (seat, place) for per
    (ticket, bread) for per
    we keep these glasses for special occasions
    teniamo questi bicchieri per le occasioni speciali
    this pullover has kept its colour, shape
    questo pullover non ha perso il colore, non si è sformato
  • 6 (store) I keep my money in a safe
    tengo i soldi in cassaforte
    where do you keep your cups?
    dove tieni le tazze?
    I keep a spare key in the cupboard
    ho o tengo una chiave di riserva nella credenza
  • 9 (maintain by writing in)
    (accounts, list, diary, record)
  • 10 (conceal) See examples:to keep something from somebody
    nascondere qualcosa a qualcuno
  • 11 (prevent) See examples:to keep somebody from doing
    impedire a qualcuno di fare

intransitive verb pass., p.pass. kept

  • 1to keep doing
    (do repeatedly)
    fare in continuazione
    to keep going I don't know how she keeps going!
    non so come faccia ad andare avanti!
    keep at it!
    continua così! dacci dentro!
    keep west, straight on
    continuate verso ovest, dritto
    “keep left, right”
    “tenetevi a sinistra, a destra”
  • 2 (remain) See examples:to keep indoors
    restare dentro
    to keep out of the rain
    restare al riparo dalla pioggia
    to keep warm, cool
    restare al caldo, al fresco
    to keep calm to keep silent o quiet
  • 3 (stay in good condition) (food)
    mantenersi, conservarsi
  • 4 (wait) (news, business, work)
    potere attendere
    I've got something to tell you, it won't keep
    ho una cosa da dirti, è urgente
  • 5 (in health) See examples:“how are you keeping?”
    “come stai?”
    she's keeping well
    sta bene

reflexive verb pass., p.pass. kept


to keep in with somebody

restare in buoni rapporti con qualcuno

to try to keep up with the Joneses

= cercare di non essere da meno dei propri vicini, cercare di stare alla pari con i vicini

you can't keep a good man down

= un uomo che ha delle buone qualità prima o poi riesce ad emergere

keep the 24th clear, I'm having a party

tieniti libero il 24, faccio una festa

to keep one's end up

portare a termine i propri impegni

Phrasal verbs

keep after:

keep after [somebody] 1.1 (pursue) 1.2 (chivvy)

keep at:

1 keep at [somebody] (American English) 2 keep at it

keep away:

1 keep away 2 keep [something, somebody] away
tenere lontano
to keep somebody away from
tenere qualcuno lontano da
(person, fire, family)
to keep somebody away from his work
tenere qualcuno lontano dal lavoro o impedire a qualcuno di lavorare

keep back:

1 keep back
stare indietro
keep back! to keep back from something
non avvicinarsi a qualcosa
2 keep [something, somebody] back, keep back [something, somebody] 2.1 (prevent from advancing)
impedire a [qualcuno] di avvicinarsi
(person, crowd) from a
(pupil, student)
(barrier, dam) (water)
he kept his hair back with an elastic band
teneva i capelli indietro con un elastico
2.2 (retain)
(food, objects)
2.3 (conceal)
(information, fact, detail) from a
2.4 (prevent from doing)

keep down:

1 keep down
stare giù
keep down!
state giù!
2 keep [something] down, keep down [something] 2.1 (cause to remain at a low level)
(number, prices, wages, unemployment)
(costs, expenditure, inflation)
to keep one's weight down
tenere il peso sotto controllo
keep your voice down! keep the noise down!
fate meno rumore!
2.2 (repress)
2.3 (retain in stomach)
3 keep [somebody] down 3.1 (British English) (School) (cause to repeat a year)
3.2 (repress)

keep in:

1 keep in (car, cyclist, driver etc.) (British English)
tenere la sinistra
tenere la destra
2 keep [somebody, something] in 2.1 (cause to remain inside)
tenere in casa, non lasciare uscire
(person, animal)
(dentures, contact lenses)
they're keeping her in (in hospital)
la ricoverano
2.2 (restrain)
(stomach, elbows)
(emotions, anger, impatience)
2.3 (School) (cause to stay at school)
= fare rimanere a scuola in castigo

keep off:

1 keep off 1.1 (stay at a distance) See examples:keep off!
state lontano! state alla larga!
1.2 (not start) See examples:I hope the rain, storm keeps off
spero che non piova, che non si scateni una tempesta
2 keep off [something] 2.1 (stay away from)
non calpestare
“Please keep off the grass”
“Vietato calpestare l'erba”
2.2 (refrain from)
non mangiare
(fatty food)
non bere
to keep off cigarettes
evitare di fumare
3 keep [something] off, keep off [something] 3.1 (prevent from touching)
(animals, insects)
this plastic sheet will keep the rain, dust off
questo foglio di plastica proteggerà dalla pioggia, polvere
3.2 (continue not to wear)
non indossare
(shoes, hat)
4 keep somebody off [something] (cause to refrain from)
vietare a qualcuno di mangiare
vietare a qualcuno di bere
impedire a qualcuno di parlare di

keep on:

1 keep on doing
(do repeatedly)
fare sempre, in continuazione
to keep on with something to keep on about something
insistere su qualcosa
to keep on at somebody
2 keep [somebody, something] on
continuare a tenere
tenere addosso
(hat, shoes)

keep out:

1 keep out of [something] 1.1 (not enter)
non entrare in, rimanere fuori da
(area, house)
“keep out!” (on notice)
“vietato l'ingresso” o “ingresso vietato”
1.2 (avoid being exposed to)
evitare di esporsi a
proteggersi da
1.3 (avoid getting involved in)
tenersi fuori da
keep out of this!
non intrometterti!
to keep out of somebody's way o to keep out of the way of somebody
(not hinder)
non stare tra i piedi a qualcuno o non intralciare qualcuno
(avoid seeing)
evitare qualcuno
try to keep out of trouble!
cerca di tenerti fuori dai guai!
2 keep [somebody, something] out, keep out [somebody, something] (not allow to enter)
non fare entrare, tenere fuori
(person, animal)
to keep the rain out
non fare entrare la pioggia
I wore an extra pullover to keep out the cold
ho messo un pullover in più per proteggermi dal freddo
to keep somebody out of something
(not allow to get involved in)
non volere immischiare qualcuno in qualcosa o tenere qualcuno fuori da qualcosa
(not allow to enter)
non fare entrare qualcuno in qualcosa
to keep somebody out of trouble
tenere qualcuno fuori dai guai
to keep somebody out of somebody's way
tenere qualcuno alla larga da qualcuno
to keep something out of somebody's way
levare qualcosa dai piedi di qualcuno

keep to:

1 keep to [something] (stick to)
tenersi, restare, rimanere su, seguire
(road, path)
attenersi a
(facts, plan)
“keep to the left, right”
“tenete la sinistra, la destra”
to keep to one's bed to keep to one's home
2 keep somebody to [something] (cause to remain on)
impedire a qualcuno di allontanarsi da
fare mantenere a qualcuno
3 keep [something] to (restrict)
limitare [qualcosa] a
(weight, number)
to keep [something] to oneself
tenersi [qualcosa] per sé
(secret, information, opinion)
he can't keep his hands to himself [informal] keep your hands to yourself!

keep under:

keep [somebody] under 1.1 (dominate)
(race, slaves, inhabitants)
1.2 (cause to remain unconscious)
tenere sotto anestesia
tenere addormentato (con narcotici)

keep up with:

keep up with [somebody, something] 1.1 (progress at same speed as)
stare al passo con
(person, group)
riuscire a seguire
(class, lecture)
essere all'altezza di
(company, country)
stare al passo con
(Economics) (wages, pensions)
essere indicizzato a, seguire l'andamento di
(prices, inflation, cost of living)
fare fronte a
1.2 (be informed about)
(developments, news)
1.3 (remain in contact with)
mantenere i contatti con
(schoolfriends, colleagues)

keep up:

1 keep up 1.1 (progress at same speed)
(all contexts) (car)
proseguire alla stessa velocità
(person, business rivals, competitors)
stare al passo
1.2 (continue) (price)
mantenersi costante, alto
if the rain keeps up I'm not going
2 keep [something] up, keep up [something] 2.1 (cause to remain in position)
“keep your hands up!” (by gunman)
“mani in alto!”
2.2 (continue)
(attack, bombardment)
(correspondence, friendship, tradition)
to keep up the pressure
continuare a fare pressione
for per on su
he kept up his German by going to evening classes to keep up one's strength
mantenere le proprie forze
to keep up one's spirits
tenere alto lo spirito
keep it up! keep up the good work!
continuate così!
3 keep [somebody] up (maintain awake)
tenere sveglio
(child, person)
(noise, illness)
non fare dormire
I hope I'm not keeping you up
non vorrei tenerti alzato troppo a lungo
spero di non farti fare le ore piccole

Definition of keep in:

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