There are 4 main translations of lay in Italian:

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lay 1

British English: /leɪ/
American English: /leɪ/


[informal] [pejorative]
  • 1 (sexual partner) See examples:she's an easy lay
    è una che ci sta o è una donna facile
    she's a good lay

transitive verb pass., p.pass. laid

  • 1
    (spread out) (rug, blanket, covering)
    (ceremonially, as offering) (wreath)
    (baby, patient)
    lay the cards face down
    posa le carte a faccia in giù
    lay the blanket on the ground
    stendi la coperta a terra
    lay the slices of apple on top she laid the baby in the cot
    adagiò il bambino nella culla
    to lay the newspaper on the table he laid his hand on my forehead
    pose la mano sulla mia fronte
    he laid his cheek against hers
    appoggiò la guancia alla sua
    to lay hands on something [figurative] (find)
    mettere mano a qualcosa
    to lay hands on somebody (Religion)
    imporre le mani su qualcuno
  • 4 (Engineering, Agriculture, Military)
    (carpet, tiles, bricks, paving, turf, cable, mine, pipe)
    (railway, road, sewer)
  • 6 [figurative] (attribute)
    (charge, complaint)
    (curse, spell) on su
    to lay stress o emphasis on something
    porre l'accento su qualcosa
    to lay the blame for something on somebody
    attribuire o addossare la colpa di qualcosa a qualcuno
  • 7 (bet) (in horseracing)
    (money) on su
  • 9 [informal] (have sex with)
    scopare con
    to get laid
    farsi scopare

intransitive verb pass., p.pass. laid

  • 1 (Agriculture, Zoology)
    deporre le uova


to lay it on the line

to lay a finger o hand on somebody

alzare un dito contro qualcuno o mettere le mani addosso a qualcuno

Phrasal verbs

lay about:

lay about [somebody] (British English)
tempestare qualcuno di colpi, colpire qualcuno all'impazzata
to lay about somebody with a stick
dare un fracco di bastonate a qualcuno

lay aside:

lay aside [something], lay [something] aside 1.1
(for another activity)
mettere via, posare
(book, sewing, toy)
(after one stage in process) (partly finished dish, model)
1.2 [figurative] (relinquish)
(studies, cares)
(responsibility, principle)

lay back:

lay back [something], lay [something] back
(nurse) (patient)

lay before:

lay [something] before somebody
sottoporre a qualcuno
(law, bill)
esporre a qualcuno
(case, facts, evidence)
I laid the facts before them

lay by:

lay by [something], lay [something] by
(money, provisions)

lay down:

lay down [something], lay [something] down 1.1 (put horizontal)
(object, baby, patient)
(rug, garment)
1.2 (put down)
(book, implement, suitcase)
(weapon, arms)
1.3 [figurative] (relinquish) See examples:to lay down one's life for somebody, something
sacrificare la propria vita per qualcuno, qualcosa
1.4 (establish)
(rule, procedure, plan, course of action)
(price, charge, wage)
it is laid down that…
è stabilito che…
1.5 (Engineering)
(cable, pipe, drain)
(road, railway)
1.6 (store in cellar)
mettere in cantina (ad invecchiare)
(bottles, wine)
1.7 (record)

lay in:

lay in [something]
fare provvista di qualcosa
we've laid in plenty of beer
abbiamo fatto grande provvista di birra
to lay in supplies of something
approvvigionarsi di qualcosa

lay into:

lay into [somebody] 1.1
tempestare qualcuno di colpi
she laid into me with her umbrella
mi prese a ombrellate
1.2 [informal] [figurative] (abuse) See examples:she laid into me
mi è saltata agli occhi, addosso
the teacher laid into them for being late
il professore li assalì perché erano arrivati in ritardo

lay off

1 (stop) [informal] lay off! it hurts!
smettila! mi fa male!
2 lay off [somebody], lay [somebody] off (sack)
lasciare a casa (temporaneamente)
mandare a casa, licenziare
3 lay off [somebody] (leave alone) [informal]
lasciare qualcuno in pace, tranquillo

lay on:

lay on [something], lay [something] on 1.1 (apply)
(plaster, glue)
1.2 (British English) (install)
(workman) (gas, electricity, water)
fare mettere (l'impianto di)
(gas, electricity, water)
1.3 (supply)
(meal, food, service, transport)
1.4 (organize)
(entertainment, excursion)
1.5 [informal] [figurative] (exaggerate)
esagerare con
(praise, pathos, sarcasm, gratitude, flattery)
you laid it on a bit (thick)

lay open:

lay [something] open
to a
to lay oneself open to
esporsi a
(accusations, criticism, ridicule, exploitation)

lay out:

1 lay [something] out, lay out [something] 1.1
(spread out, display) (goods, cards, food)
(unfold) (map, garment, fabric)
(put ready) (clothes)
1.2 (design)
impostare il layout di
(book, magazine, advertisement, page)
(letter, illustrations)
stabilire la disposizione di
(town, village)
(buildings, pattern pieces)
1.3 (explain)
(reasons, demands, facts)
1.4 [informal] (spend)
tirare fuori
(sum of money)
2 lay out [somebody], lay [somebody] out 2.1 (prepare for burial)
(dead person)
2.2 [informal] (knock unconscious)
stendere qualcuno

lay over:

lay over (American English)

lay up:

1 lay up [something], lay [something] up 1.1 (store away)
fare provvista di, accumulare
(food, supplies)
procurarsi, attirarsi
(trouble, problems)
1.2 (take out of service)
2 lay [somebody] up (confine to bed)
costringere qualcuno (a stare) a letto
to be laid up to be laid up with
essere (costretto) a letto con
(illness, broken limb)
essere costretto a letto per

Definition of lay in:

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There are 4 main translations of lay in Italian:

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lay 2
British English: /leɪ/
American English: /leɪ/


  • 1 (helper, worker)
    non esperto, non specializzato
    lay person lay opinion
    l'opinione dei profani

Definition of lay in:

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There are 4 main translations of lay in Italian:

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lay 3
British English: /leɪ/
American English: /leɪ/

Definition of lay in:

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There are 4 main translations of lay in Italian:

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lay 4
British English: /leɪ/
American English: /leɪ/

past tense

Definition of lay in:

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