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superl. di little
British English: /liːst/
American English: /list/
When the least is used as a quantifier followed by a noun to mean the smallest quantity of, it is translated by (il) meno, (il) più piccolo, (il) minore: they had the least food = hanno ricevuto meno cibo di tutti/la minor quantità di cibo. - But when the least is used as a quantifier to mean the slightest, it is translated by il minimo or la minima: I haven't the least idea about it = non ne ho la minima idea. For examples of these and particular usages, see below. - For translations of least as a pronoun or adverb see and below. - The phrase at least is usually translated by almeno. For examples and exceptions, see below. - For the phrase in the least, see below.


  • (the) least
    (in negative constructions) (il) minimo
    they had the least food
    hanno ricevuto meno cibo di tutti o la minor quantità di cibo
    they have the least chance of winning
    sono quelli che hanno la possibilità di vincere più remota
    they haven't the least chance of winning
    non hanno la minima possibilità di vincere
    I haven't the least idea
    non ne ho la minima idea
    he didn't have the least difficulty in believing her
    non ebbe la minima difficoltà a crederla
    the least thing annoys him
    la minima cosa lo irrita o si secca per un nonnulla
    he wasn't the least bit jealous, worried “were you frightened?” - “not the least bit!”
    “hai avuto paura?” - “nemmeno un po'!”


  • il meno, il minimo
    nobody has very much but we have the least
    nessuno ha molto, ma noi abbiamo meno di tutti
    buy the one that costs the least
    compra quello che costa meno
    it was the least I could do the least he could have done was phone the police
    al minimo avrebbe potuto, avrebbe almeno potuto chiamare la polizia
    that's the least of our problems!
    è l'ultimo dei nostri problemi! è l'ultima delle nostre preoccupazioni!
    that's the least of it she was surprised, to say the least (of it)
    era sorpresa, a dir poco


  • 3
    also: at least
    there were at least 50 people in the room it must have cost at least £1,000
    deve essere costato almeno 1.000 sterline
    she's at least 40
    ha almeno quarant'anni
    she's at least as qualified as he is
    è perlomeno qualificata tanto quanto lui
    they could at least have phoned!
    avrebbero almeno potuto telefonare!
    you could at least have told me!
    perlomeno avresti potuto dirmelo!
    at least he didn't suffer
    almeno non ha sofferto
    he's gone to bed - at least I think so
    è andato a letto - almeno credo
    he has never been there - at least, that's what he says
    non è mai stato lì - o almeno così dice
    such people are at the very least guilty of negligence
    tali persone sono come minimo colpevoli di negligenza
    candidates should, at the very least, be proficient in two foreign languages
    i candidati devono padroneggiare almeno due lingue straniere
  • 4in the least I'm not worried in the least o I'm not in the least (bit) worried I'm not hungry in the least, I'm not in the least (bit) hungry
    non ho minimamente o assolutamente fame
    it doesn't bother me in the least
    non mi disturba affatto
    it doesn't matter in the least
    non ha nessuna o la minima importanza
    not in the least!
    per niente! niente affatto!


last but not least, last but by no means least

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