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compar. di little
British English: /lɛs/
American English: /lɛs/
When less is used as a quantifier ( less money), it is translated by meno: meno soldi. For examples and particular usages, see less 1 in the entry below. - When less is used as a pronoun ( you should have taken less), it is translated by meno: avresti dovuto prenderne meno. Less than is usually translated by meno di and even less by ancora meno. For examples and particular usages of these, see less 2 in the entry below. - When less is used as an adverb followed by a verb, an adjective, or another adverb ( to eat less, less interesting, less often), it is translated by meno: mangiare meno, meno interessante, meno spesso. For examples and particular usages, see less 3 in the entry below. - For the phrase less and less, see less 3 2. - For less used as a preposition ( less 10%), see less 4.



  • I have less than you they have little money but we have even less I gave them less to eat less than half
    meno della metà
    in less than three hours
    in meno di tre ore
    in less than no time
    in un batter d'occhio o in men che non si dica
    13 is less than 18
    13 è più piccolo di 18
    a sum of not less than £1,000 he was less than honest, helpful
    fu tutt'altro che onesto, disponibile
    it's an improvement, but less of one than I had hoped she's nothing less than a common criminal nothing less than written proof will satisfy them
    saranno soddisfatti soltanto quando avranno le prove scritte
    it's nothing less than a scandal!
    è proprio uno scandalo!
    they want nothing less than the best
    vogliono soltanto il meglio
    I offered them £800 for the car but they let me have it for less
    ho offerto loro 800 sterline per la macchina ma me l'hanno lasciata per meno
    he's less of a fool than you think they will think all the less of her for it I think no less of her for that
    non la stimo di meno per questo
    the less she knows about it the better
    meno ne sa meglio è
    I want £100 and not a penny less!
    voglio 100 sterline e non un penny di meno!
    the less said about it the better
    meno si dice meglio è
    people have been shot for less!
    c'è chi è stato ucciso per meno!
    less of your impudence!
    non essere così insolente!
    less of that! (to child misbehaving)
    basta! smettila!


  • 1 I read less these days I liked it less than you did I dislike him no less than you
    non mi sta meno antipatico che a te
    that's less urgent, serious
    è meno urgente, grave
    much less important
    molto meno importante
    it matters less than it did before
    ha meno importanza di prima
    it's less complicated than you think she is no less qualified than you
    non è meno qualificata di te
    less often
    meno sovente
    it's less a village than a town
    è più una città che un paese
    the more I see him, the less I like him no less than 30 people, 85%
    non meno di 30 persone, dell'85%
    they live in Kensington, no less!
    abitano nientemeno che a Kensington!
    he's married to a countess, no less!
    è sposato nientemeno che con una contessa!
    no less a person than the emperor
    nientemeno che l'imperatore
    one of the less known valleys
    una delle valli meno conosciute
    he was less offended than shocked she wasn't any the less happy much o still o even less
    ancora meno
    he can't afford to rent a house, much less buy one
    non si può permettere di affittare una casa, ancora meno di comprarne una


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