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let 1

British English: /lɛt/
American English: /lɛt/


(British English)

transitive verb forma in -ing -tt- pass., p.pass. let

  • 1 (when making suggestion)let's go let's give it a try
    let's go for a swim
    andiamo a nuotare
    let's begin by doing
    cominciamo facendo
    let's get out of here!
    usciamo di qui!
    let's not o don't let's (British English) , talk about that!
    non parliamone!
    let's see if…
    vediamo se…
    let us pray
    let's pretend that this is the interview let's face it
    siamo onesti o riconosciamolo
    let's face it, you were wrong let me see, let's see…
    it was - let me think - about 8 pm
    erano - fammi pensare - più o meno le 8 di sera
    let me think about it
    fammici pensare
    let's assume that…
    supponiamo o mettiamo il caso che…
    let's say (that)…
    facciamo che…
    it's more complex than, let's say, a computer
    è più complesso, diciamo, di un computer
    let's say she wasn't amused [ironic]
    diciamo che non si è divertita
  • 2 (when expressing defiance or a command)let there be no doubt about it!
    che non ci siano dubbi su questo!
    let everyone make up his own mind let the festivities begin!
    abbiano inizio i festeggiamenti!
    never let it be said that …
    non sia mai detto che …
    let there be light people will talk - well let them (talk)!
    la gente parlerà - e che parli!
    let that be a lesson to you!
    che ti serva da lezione!
    just let him try it!
    che provi!
    if he wants tea, let him make it himself!
    se vuole del tè, che se lo faccia!
    let them eat cake!
    mangino la torta!
    let me tell you…
    lascia che te lo dica…
    let y = 25 (Mathematics)
    sia y = 25
    let the line AB intersect CD (Mathematics)
    data la retta AB che interseca CD
  • 3 (allow)to let somebody do something
    lasciare fare qualcosa a qualcuno
    she let us see the baby
    ci ha fatto vedere il bambino
    let me go first let me pay for dinner let me explain she let herself be intimidated don't let them see you crying
    non farti vedere da loro che piangi
    don't let them think that…
    non lasciare che pensino che…
    don't let it get you down she wanted to leave but they wouldn't let her I won't let them talk to me like that!
    non permetto che mi si parli in questo modo!
    don't let me forget to do
    ricordami di fare
    let me see, let me have a look
    fa' vedere, fammi dare un'occhiata
    let me (do that)
    lasciate fare a me
    let me ask you…
    mi consenta di chiederle…
    let me introduce you to Isabelle
    lascia che ti presenti Isabelle
    can you let me have that in writing?
    potrebbe mettermelo per scritto?
    let them have it!
    [informal] [figurative]
    (shoot) falli fuori! accoppali!
    (attack verbally) digliene quattro!
    to let something fall, escape
    lasciare cadere, scappare qualcosa
    don't let the milk boil over!
    non fare uscire il latte!
    to let one's hair, beard grow
    farsi crescere i capelli, la barba
  • 4 (allow free movement or passage to)to let somebody through
    lasciare passare qualcuno
    to let somebody on the bus
    lasciare salire qualcuno sull'autobus
    to let somebody off the bus
    lasciare scendere qualcuno dall'autobus
    can you let me off here?
    puoi lasciarmi qui?
    let me pass please
    mi lasci passare per favore
    she won't let him out of, inside the house
    non mi lascerà uscire, entrare
    I let myself in
    sono entrato con la chiave
    to let air into a room
    cambiare aria a una stanza
    draw the curtains and let some light in
    apri le tende e fa' entrare un po' di luce
    to let the air out of
    sgonfiare (tyre, balloon)
  • 5 (insert, inlay)to let a door, window into a wall
    aprire una porta, una finestra nel muro
    a statue let into the wall
    una statua posta nella nicchia di un muro
  • 6
    also: let alone
    she was too ill to stand let alone walk
    era troppo malata per stare in piedi figuriamoci per camminare
    he couldn't look after the cat let alone a child
    non era in grado di badare al gatto, figuriamoci a un bambino
  • 7
    also: (British English) let out
    dare in affitto (room, apartment, land) (to a)
    “room to let”
    “stanza in affitto”
    “to let”
  • 8 [archaic] (Medicine)to let blood
    cavare sangue

Phrasal verbs

let away:

let [somebody] away with doing [informal]
lasciare che qualcuno faccia
don't let her away with that!
non lasciare che se la cavi così!

let down:

1 let [somebody] down 1.1 (disappoint)
(organization, person)
it has never let me down
(technique, machine)
non mi ha mai dato problemi
the car let us down to feel let down
sentirsi deluso
don't let me down!
non deludermi! non abbandonarmi!
you've really let the side down
ci hai veramente delusi
1.2 (embarrass)
mettere in imbarazzo
2 let [something] down, let down [something] 2.1 (British English) (deflate)
sgonfiare (tyre)
2.2 (lower)
calare, fare scendere (bucket, basket)
abbassare (window)
2.3 (lengthen)
allungare (skirt, coat)
2.4 (leave loose)
sciogliere (hair)
to let one's hair down [informal] [figurative]
rilassarsi o lasciarsi andare

let go

1 to let go of somebody, something
lasciare andare qualcuno, qualcosa
staccarsi da qualcuno, qualcosa
he just can't let go [figurative]
non può lasciare perdere, non può dimenticare
2 let [somebody] go, let go [somebody] 2.1 (free)
rilasciare, lasciare andare (hostage, suspect, prisoner)
2.2 (release hold on)
lasciare, mollare (person, sleeve, arm)
let me go, let go of me!
lasciami andare!
2.3 [euphemistic] (make redundant)
mandare a spasso, licenziare (employee)
to be let go
2.4to let oneself go (all contexts)
lasciarsi andare
3 let [something] go, let go [something] 3.1 (release hold on)
lasciare (rope, bar)
3.2 [figurative]to let it go we'll let it go at that

let in:

1 let in [something], let [something] in 1.1 (allow to enter)
(roof, window)
fare entrare (rain)
(shoes, tent)
lasciare passare (water)
(curtains, glass door)
lasciare passare (light)
1.2 (Sport) (concede)
lasciare segnare (goal)
1.3 (British English) (Auto)to let in the clutch
2 let [somebody] in, let in [somebody] 2.1 (show in)
fare entrare
2.2 (admit)
lasciare entrare
I let myself in
sono entrato con la chiave
2.3to let oneself in for (expose oneself to)
cacciarsi in (trouble, problems)
cercarsi (disappointment)
I had no idea what I was letting myself in for
non avevo alcuna idea di dove mi stessi cacciando
2.4to let somebody in on o to let somebody into
mettere qualcuno al corrente di (secret, joke, news)

let off:

1 let off [something]
fare esplodere (fireworks, device, bomb)
sparare un colpo di (rifle, gun)
to let somebody off the hook [figurative]
risparmiare qualcuno, farla passare liscia a qualcuno
to let off steam [figurative]
2 let [somebody] off 2.1 (British English) (School) (send home)
fare uscire (pupils)
2.2 (excuse)to let somebody off
esentare o esonerare qualcuno da (lessons, homework, chores)
to let somebody off doing
esonerare qualcuno dal fare
2.3 (leave unpunished)
lasciare andare (culprit)
to be let off with
cavarsela con (fine, caution)
to let somebody off lightly
chiudere un occhio con qualcuno o essere clemente con qualcuno
3 let off [something], let [something] off
dare in affitto (part of house, property)
4 let off

let on

1 (reveal)
dire (to somebody a qualcuno)
to let on about something
parlare di qualcosa
don't let on!
non dire niente!
don't let on that you speak German
non dire che sai il tedesco
she misses them more than she lets on
2 (British English) (pretend)to let on that …

let out:

1 let out (American English) (movie, school)
finire (at a)
2 let out [something] 2.1 (emit)
emettere (cry, scream, sigh, shriek)
to let out a roar
2.2 (British English) (reveal)
lasciarsi sfuggire (that che)
3 let [something] out, let out [something] 3.1 (release) 3.2
dare sfogo a (grief, anger)
to let out one's breath to let the cat out of the bag [figurative]
3.3 (Auto)to let out the clutch 3.4 (Clothing) (alter)
allargare (skirt, jacket, waistband)
4 let [somebody] out 4.1 (release)
fare uscire, liberare (prisoner) (of da)
fare uscire (pupils, employees) (of da)
4.2 (show out) I'll let myself out
non scomodatevi, posso uscire da solo

let through:

1 let [somebody] through, let through [somebody] 1.1 (in crowd) 1.2 (School, University)
fare passare
2 let [something] through, let through [something]
fare passare (error, faulty product)

let up

1 (ease off)
(rain, wind, heat)
the rain never once let up
2 (stop)
he never lets up
non molla mai
3to let up on somebody [informal] (be less severe)
essere meno duro con qualcuno
Definition of let in:
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There are 2 entries that translate let into Italian:

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let 2

British English: /lɛt/
American English: /lɛt/


  • 2 (Law)without let or hindrance
    senza alcun impedimento
Definition of let in:
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