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British English: /luːz/
American English: /luz/

Translation of lose in Italian:

transitive verb pass., p.pass. lost

  • 1 (mislay)
    perdere (object, person)
    to lose one's way
    perdersi (also figurative)
  • 2 (be deprived of) the poem has lost something in translation
    la poesia ha perso nella traduzione
    to lose interest in something
    perdere interesse per qualcosa
    to lose touch
    (with reality, with situation) perdere contatto
    (with person) perdere i contatti (with con)
    to lose the use of
    perdere l'uso di (limb, muscle)
    to lose one's life
    perdere la vita
    many lives were lost
    ci furono molte vittime
    200 jobs will be lost
    andranno persi 200 posti di lavoro
    to lose one's breath
    to lose one's figure
    perdere la linea
    he's losing his looks
    si sta imbruttendo
    we are losing a lot of business to our competitors they lost both sons in the war
    hanno perso entrambi i figli in guerra
    to be lost at sea to have nothing, little to lose [informal]
    non avere niente, non avere molto da perdere
    try it, you've nothing to lose [informal]
    provaci, non hai niente da perdere!
    you've nothing to lose by applying
    non ci perdi niente a mandare la domanda
    I daren't, I've got too much to lose
    non ne ho il coraggio, ho troppo da perdere
  • 3 (miss, waste)
    perdere, sprecare (chance, time)
    there's no time, not a moment to lose
    non c'è tempo o non c'è un momento da perdere
    stopping meant losing vital seconds
    fermarsi voleva dire perdere secondi preziosi
    he lost no time in replying this allusion was not lost on him
  • 4 (be defeated in) (Law, Politics, Sport)
    perdere (fight, war, match, game, race, case, bet, election, vote)
    avere la peggio in (argument, debate)
    perdere (una causa) in (appeal)
  • 8 (cause to forfeit)to lose somebody something
    fare perdere o costare qualcosa a qualcuno
    his speech lost the party a million votes
    il suo discorso fece perdere un milione di voti al partito

intransitive verb pass., p.pass. lost

  • 1 (be defeated)
    perdere (to somebody con, contro qualcuno)
    they lost to the Italian team
    hanno perso contro la squadra italiana
  • 2 (be worse off, deteriorate)
    perderci, rimetterci
    they lost on the sale of the house the novel loses in translation
    il romanzo ci perde in traduzione
    try it, you can't lose!
    provaci, non ci perdi niente!
  • 3 (clock, watch)
    andare indietro

reflexive verb pass., p.pass. lost

  • to lose oneself in
    immergersi in (book)
    perdersi in (contemplation)

Phrasal verbs

lose out

to lose out on
rimetterci in (deal)
perdere (chance, opportunity, bargain)
to lose out to somebody
perdere terreno rispetto a qualcuno
Definition of lose in:
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