Translation of make in Italian:


Pronunciation: /meɪk/


vt (pt/pp made)


Phrasal verbs

make after

vt (chase) inseguire

make do

vi arrangiarsi

make for

vt dirigersi verso

make good

vt compensare [loss]; risarcire [damage]

make off

vi fuggire

make off with

vt (steal) sgraffignare

make out

vt (distinguish) distinguere; (write out) rilasciare [cheque]; compilare [list]; (claim) far credere

make over

vt cedere

make up

vt (constitute) comporre; (complete) completare; (invent) inventare; (apply cosmetics to) truccare; fare [parcel] make up one's mind decidersi make it up (after quarrel) riconciliarsi
vi (after quarrel) fare la pace

make up for

vt compensare make up for lost time recuperare il tempo perso

make up to

vt arruffianarsi

Definition of make in:

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