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British English: /nʌn/
American English: /nən/
The pronoun none (of) can have three different meanings: a) when it means not any of a number of people or things, it is related to a countable plural noun and is translated by nessuno/nessuna, as in none of my relatives came to see me = nessuno dei miei parenti è venuto a trovarmi, or none of his statues were sold = non è stata venduta nessuna delle sue statue; b) when it means not any of something, it is related to an uncountable noun and it may be translated by niente, neanche, nessuno/nessuna or nemmeno, as in “do you take any sugar in your coffee?” “none, thank you” = “metti zucchero nel caffè?” “niente, grazie”; c) when it means not one thing or person, it is translated by niente or nessuno/nessuna, as in even an old car is better than none = anche una macchina vecchia è meglio di niente. - Please note that none is different from nothing or nobody in that it always has or implies a relative, not an absolute meaning; compare the following examples: none of my colleagues were at the office = nessuno dei miei colleghi era in ufficio, and there was nobody at the office = non c'era nessuno in ufficio.


  • 1 (not any, not one) none of us, you, them
    nessuno di noi, di voi, di loro
    none of the chairs, houses
    nessuna delle sedie, delle case
    “have you any pens?” - “none at all”
    “hai delle penne?” - “no, neanche una”
    none was more beautiful, interesting than…
    nessuno era più bello, interessante di…
    there's none so clever, old as Jane
    non c'è nessuno intelligente, vecchio quanto Jane
    if you need a lawyer, there's none better than George
    se hai bisogno di un avvocato non ce n'è nessuno migliore di George
    he saw three dogs, none of which was black
    ha visto tre cani, nessuno dei quali era nero
    he waited for some sign of anger but saw none
    aspettava un gesto di rabbia ma non ne vide
    I waited but none came
    ho aspettato ma non è venuto nessuno
    none but him, you
    nessuno tranne lui, te
    I told none but him, you none but a fool would do it
    soltanto uno stupido potrebbe farlo
    it was none other than Peter, the prime minister (himself)
    non era altri che Peter, il primo ministro (in persona)
  • 2 (not any, no part)none of the wine, milk
    neanche una goccia di vino, di latte
    none of the bread
    nemmeno una briciola di pane
    none of the cheese
    neanche un pezzetto di formaggio
    “is there any money left?” - “none at all” “did you have any difficulty?” - “none whatsoever o at all”
    “hai avuto delle difficoltà?” - “proprio nessuna”
    we have none
    non ne abbiamo
    there's none left
    non ce ne sono più o non ce n'è più
    none of it was true, of any interest
    non c'era niente di vero, di interessante
    he was having none of it
    non ne voleva sapere o non voleva sentire storie
    we'll have none of that now!
    adesso basta!
    some money is better than none
    meglio pochi soldi di niente


  • (not, not at all)it was none too easy, pleasant it's none too warm
    non fa per niente caldo
    I was none too sure, happy that …
    non ero niente affatto sicuro, contento che …
    “I'm here!” - “and none too soon!”
    “eccomi!” - “per niente presto!”
    he was none the worse for the experience the play is long, but none the worse for that
    l'opera è lunga, ma non per questo meno bella
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