There are 2 main translations of pass in Italian:

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pass 1

British English: /pɑːs/
American English: /pæs/


transitive verb

  • 2 (hand over)
    fare passare
    pass me your plate pass the salt along please
    potete fare passare il sale?
    to pass stolen goods, counterfeit notes
    mettere in circolazione o piazzare merce rubata, moneta falsa
    to pass something along the line
    passare qualcosa di mano in mano
    “we'll pass you back to the studio now” (Television, Radio)
  • 4 (Sport)
    to pass the ball backwards, forwards
    passare la palla indietro, avanti
  • 7 (declare satisfactory) to pass something (as being) safe, suitable etc.
    giudicare qualcosa come sicuro, adatto ecc.
    the censors passed the film as suitable for adults only
    la censura ha giudicato il film adatto soltanto a un pubblico adulto
  • 9 (pronounce)
    (judgment, verdict, sentence)
    to pass sentence on (Law)
    emettere o pronunciare una condanna contro
    to pass a remark about somebody, something
    fare un'osservazione su qualcuno, qualcosa
  • 10 (Medicine)to pass water to pass blood
    avere sangue nelle urine, nelle feci
  • 11 (American English) (Economics)

intransitive verb

  • 2 (move) to pass along, over something
    passare lungo, sopra qualcosa
    to pass through something
    passare attraverso qualcosa o attraversare qualcosa
    pass down the bus please
    scorrete verso il fondo dell'autobus per favore
  • 4 (be transferred)
    to a
    (title, property)
    passare (in eredità), essere trasmesso
    to a
    (letter, knowing look)
    essere scambiato
    between tra
    his mood passed from joy to despair
    il suo umore passò dalla gioia alla disperazione
    deeds which have passed into legend
    imprese che sono entrate nella leggenda
  • 7 [literary] (happen) to come to pass it came to pass that… (Bible)
    avvenne che…
    to bring something to pass
    fare accadere qualcosa
  • 9 (be accepted)
    (person, rudeness, behaviour)
    essere accettato
    he'd pass for an Italian
    potrebbe passare o essere scambiato per un italiano
    she passes for 40
  • 10 (American English) (Law)
    pronunciarsi, decidere
    on su
  • 11 (Chemistry)
    into in


to come to such a pass that…

giungere a tale punto che…

to make a pass at somebody

provarci con qualcuno o fare delle avances a qualcuno

to pass the word

it won't pass my lips

Phrasal verbs

pass along:

pass [something] along, pass along [something]
fare passare, fare circolare

pass around:

pass [something] around, pass around [something]
fare passare, fare circolare
(document, photos)
fare passare

pass away

[euphemistic] (die)

pass by

passare vicino, accanto, davanti
life seems to have passed me by
ho l'impressione che la vita mi sia scorsa accanto o mi sembra che la vita non mi abbia riservato nulla

pass down:

pass [something] down, pass down [something]
(secret, knowledge)

pass off:

1 pass off 1.1 (take place)
svolgersi, avere luogo
1.2 (disappear)
2 pass [somebody, something] off, pass off [somebody, something]
fare passare, spacciare
(person, incident) as per

pass on:

1 pass on to pass on to something
passare a qualcosa
let's pass on to the next question
passiamo alla domanda seguente
2 pass [something] on, pass on [something]
(good wishes, condolences)
(book, clothes)
fare gravare, fare ricadere

pass out:

1 pass out 1.1 (faint, fall drunk) 1.2 (Military) (complete training)
completare un corso di addestramento
to pass out of o from the military academy
uscire dall'accademia militare
2 pass [something] out, pass out [something]

pass over:

1 pass over, [archaic] pass away pass [somebody] over
non prendere in considerazione
(employee, candidate)
he was passed over in favour of another candidate
fu scartato in favore di un altro candidate
2 pass over [something]
(rude remark, behaviour)

pass round

pass around:

pass through:

pass through [something]
passare per
I'm just passing through

pass up

[informal] pass up [something]
(opportunity, offer)

Definition of pass in:

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There are 2 main translations of pass in Italian:

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pass 2
British English: /pɑːs/
American English: /pæs/


  • 2 (Aviation)he flew a low pass
    volò a bassa quota
    to make a pass over something
    sorvolare qualcosa o fare un volo di ricognizione su qualcosa


to sell the pass

Definition of pass in:

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