Translation of pass in Italian:


Pronunciation: /pɑːs/




Phrasal verbs

pass as

vt pass for

pass away

vi mancare

pass by

vi (go past) passare

pass down

vt passare; [fig], trasmettere

pass for

vt (be accepted as) passare per

pass off

vi (disappear) passare; (take place) svolgersi
vt pass somebody/something off as far passare qualcuno/qualcosa per

pass on

vt passare [message, information]

pass on to

vt passare a [new subject, next question]

pass out

vi [infml] svenire

pass over

vt (not mention) passare sopra a pass somebody over for promotion non prendere in considerazione qualcuno per una promozione
vi (die) spirare

pass round

vt far passare

pass through

vt attraversare

pass up

vt passare; [infml], (miss) lasciarsi scappare

Definition of pass in:

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