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British English: /pʊl/
American English: /pʊl/

Translation of pull in Italian:


  • 3 [informal] (influence) to exert a pull over somebody
    esercitare una certa influenza su qualcuno
    to have a lot of pull with somebody
    avere molta influenza su qualcuno
    to have the pull to do
    avere l'influenza sufficiente per fare
  • 7 (snag) (in sweater)
    maglia (feminine) tirata
    there's a pull in my sweater
    il mio maglione ha una maglia tirata

transitive verb

  • 2 (tug, move)
    (towards oneself) tirare (towards verso)
    (by dragging) trascinare (reticent person, heavy object) (along lungo)
    (to show something) tirare (per il braccio) (person)
    to pull somebody by the arm, hair
    tirare qualcuno per il braccio, per i capelli
    to pull somebody, something through
    tirare qualcuno, qualcosa per farlo passare attraverso (hole, window)
  • 3 (draw)
    trainare (caravan, trailer)
    tirare (cart, plough)
    tirare (handcart, sled)
  • 4 (remove, extract)
    raccogliere (peas, beans, flowers)
    cavare (potatoes)
    to pull something off (small child, cat)
    tirare qualcosa giù da (shelf, table)
    he pulled her attacker off her
    la liberò dall'aggressore
    to pull something out of
    tirare qualcosa fuori da (pocket, drawer)
    to pull somebody out of
    estrarre o tirare fuori qualcuno da (wreckage)
    ripescare qualcuno da (river)
  • 5 [informal] (brandish)
    tirare fuori, estrarre (gun, knife)
    to pull a gun on somebody
    puntare un'arma contro qualcuno
  • 7 (Medicine) (strain)
    strapparsi (muscle)
    a pulled muscle
    uno strappo muscolare
  • 8 (hold back) (rider)
    trattenere (horse)
    to pull one's punches (boxer)
    trattenere i colpi
    he didn't pull his punches [figurative]
    non risparmiò nessun colpo o infierì duramente
  • 9 (steer, guide)to pull a boat into the bank
    portare una barca a riva
  • 10 (Sport) (golfer, batsman)
    tirare con effetto (ball, shot)
  • 12 (British English) [informal] (pour)
    spillare (beer)

intransitive verb

  • 1 (tug)
    tirare (at, on su)
    to pull at somebody's sleeve
    tirare qualcuno per la manica
  • 2 (resist restraint) (dog, horse)
    tirare (at, on su)
  • 3 (move) the car pulls to the left
    l'automobile tende a sinistra o tira verso sinistra
    the brakes are pulling to the left
    quando si frena l'automobile va a sinistra
    to pull ahead of somebody
    (athlete, rally driver)
    staccare qualcuno
    distanziare (competitor)
  • 4 (smoke)to pull at
    dare un tiro da (cigarette)
  • 5 (Sport)
    fare un tiro con effetto


to be on the pull


pull the other one (it's got bells on)!

chi credi di prendere in giro!

Phrasal verbs

pull along:

1 pull [something] along, pull along [something] 2 pull [somebody] along
tirare qualcuno per il braccio

pull apart:

1 pull apart (component, pieces) 2 pull [somebody, something] apart 2.1 (dismantle)
smontare (machine, toy)
2.2 (destroy)
fare a pezzi (toy)
fare a pezzi (object, prey)
I'll find the key, I don't care if I have to pull the house apart! [figurative]
troverò la chiave, a costo di mettere sottosopra tutta la casa!
2.3 [figurative] (disparage)
fare a pezzi, stroncare (essay)
2.4 (separate)
separare (combattants, dogs, pages)

pull away:

1 pull away 1.1 (move away, leave)
allontanarsi, partire
1.2 (become detached) (component, piece)
1.3 (open up lead) (car, horse)
staccare gli altri concorrenti
staccarsi (from da)
2 pull away from [somebody, something] (car, person)
allontanarsi da (person, kerb)
3 pull [somebody, something] away
allontanare (person)
ritirare (hand)
to pull [something] away from somebody to pull somebody, something away from
allontanare qualcuno, qualcosa da (danger, window, wall etc.)

pull back:

1 pull back 1.1 (withdraw) (troops)
ritirarsi (from da)
1.2 (move backwards)
1.3 (close the gap) she's pulling back (in race)
sta recuperando (il ritardo accumulato)
2 pull [somebody, something] back, pull back [somebody, something] 2.1 (restrain)
trattenere, tenere (person, object)
pull her back, she'll fall
tienila, sta per cadere o se no cade
2.2 (tug back)pull the rope back hard
tira forte la corda

pull down:

1 pull [something] down, pull down [something] 1.1 (demolish)
buttare giù, demolire, abbattere (building)
1.2 (lower)
abbassare (curtain, blind)
to pull down one's trousers
1.3 (reduce)
ridurre (inflation)
2 pull [somebody, something] down, pull down [somebody, something] (drag down)
fare cadere (person, object) (onto su)
trascinare (person, company)
he'll pull you down with him
ti trascinerà giù con sé

pull in:

1 pull in (car, bus, driver)
pull in at the next service station
fermati alla prossima stazione di servizio
the police signalled to the motorist to pull in (British English) to pull in to the kerb
accostare o accostarsi al marciapiede
2 pull [somebody] in, pull in [somebody] 2.1 (bring in) (police)
fermare qualcuno
to pull somebody in for questioning
fermare qualcuno per interrogarlo
2.2 (attract)
(exhibition, show)
attirare (crowds, tourists)
3 pull [something] in, pull in [something] 3.1 (retract)
ritrarre (antenna, tentacle, claw)
tirare in dentro (stomach)
3.2 [informal] (earn)
(appeal, event)
3.3 (steer) (driver)

pull off:

1 pull off
(flash gun, lid)
essere rimovibile
2 pull off [something] (leave)
lasciare (motorway, road)
3 pull off [something], pull [something] off 3.1 (remove)
togliere, togliersi (coat, sweater, shoes, socks)
tirare via (lid, wrapping, sticker)
3.2 [informal] (clinch)
mettere a segno (raid, robbery)
riuscire a concludere (deal)
portare a compimento (coup, feat)
ottenere, riportare (win, victory)

pull out:

1 pull out 1.1 (emerge) (car, truck) I got to the platform just as the train was pulling out to pull out of
lasciare o uscire da (drive, parking space, station)
1.2 (withdraw)
(army, troops)
(candidate, competitor)
to pull out of
ritirarsi da (negotiations, Olympics, area)
1.3 (come away)
venire via
(component, section)
2 pull [something] out, pull out [something] 2.1 (extract)
togliere (splinter)
strappare (weeds)
2.2 (take out)
tirare fuori (knife, gun, wallet, handkerchief)
2.3 (withdraw)
ritirare, richiamare (troops, army)

pull over:

1 pull over (motorist, car) 2 pull [somebody, something] over (police)
fare accostare (driver, car)

pull through:

1 pull through (accident victim)
cavarsela, farcela, riprendersi
2 pull [somebody, something] through
fare passare (per il rotto della cuffia) (candidate)
salvare (accident victim)
fare passare (object, wool)
pull the thread through to the front
fai passare il filo sul davanti

pull together:

1 pull together we must all pull together
dobbiamo collaborare tutti
2 pull [something] together pull the two ends of the rope together pull the two pieces together
metti insieme i due pezzi
to pull oneself together
dominarsi, controllarsi, riprendersi, riacquistare il controllo di sé

pull up:

1 pull up 1.1 (stop) (car, athlete)
1.2 (regain lost ground) (athlete, pupil)
2 pull up [something], pull [something] up 2.1 (uproot)
strappare (weeds)
2.2 (lift)
levare (anchor, drawbridge)
to pull up one's trousers, one's socks
tirarsi su i pantaloni, i calzini
to pull up a chair
avvicinare o prendere una sedia
2.3 (stop) (rider)
fermare (horse)
3 pull [somebody] up 3.1 (lift) to pull somebody up a cliff, out of a well
issare qualcuno su per una scarpata, fuori da un pozzo
to pull oneself up
3.2 (reprimand) he pulled me up for working too slowly 3.3 (stop)
fermare (driver)
squalificare (athlete)
Definition of pull in:
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