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rest 1

British English: /rɛst/
American English: /rɛst/


  • 2
    (nap, lie-down) riposino (feminine)
    to have o take a rest
    to have a rest in the afternoon
    fare un riposino pomeridiano
    let's have a little rest
    facciamo una pausa
    it was a rest from the serious business of the day
    è stato un momento di tregua fra i gravosi impegni della giornata
    he really needs a rest
  • 5 (immobility)to be at rest to come to rest

transitive verb

  • 1 (lean)to rest something on
    appoggiare qualcosa su (rock, table)
  • 2 (allow to rest)
    riposare (legs, feet)
    tenere a riposo (injured limb)
    fare riposare (horse)
    rest your legs!
  • 3 (Agriculture) (leave uncultivated)
    lasciare a maggese (land)
  • 4 (keep from entering)
    (organizer, team)

intransitive verb

  • 1 (relax, lie down)
    I won't rest until I know
    non mi darò pace finché non (lo) saprò
    to rest easy
  • 2 (be supported)to rest on
    (hand, weight, shelf)
    appoggiarsi su
    to be resting on
    (elbow, arm)
    essere appoggiato su
    to rest on one's spade
    appoggiarsi alla vanga
    I need something to rest on
    ho bisogno di un supporto o di appoggiarmi
  • 3 [euphemistic] (actor)to be resting
    essere disoccupato o non avere una parte
  • 5 [figurative] (lie)to let the matter o things rest you can't just let it rest there!
    non puoi abbandonare tutto così!




a change is as good as a rest

= cambiare fa bene tanto quanto riposarsi

give it a rest!


to rest on one's laurels

and there the matter rests

tutto qui o qui finisce la storia

God rest his soul

Dio accolga la sua anima, che Dio l'abbia in gloria

Phrasal verbs

rest in:

rest in [something] (key, solution)
consistere in (change)
to rest in doing

rest on:

rest on [somebody, something] 1.1 (eyes, gaze)
fermarsi su (object, person)
1.2 (depend)
basarsi su (assumption, reasoning)

rest up


rest with:

rest with [somebody, something]
(decision, choice)
essere nelle mani di, dipendere da
Definition of rest in:
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There are 2 entries that translate rest into Italian:

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rest 2

British English: /rɛst/
American English: /rɛst/


  • 1 (what remains)the rest (of food, books, day, story)
    il resto (of di)
    you can keep, leave the rest
    puoi tenere, lasciare quello che resta
    I've forgotten the rest
    ho dimenticato il resto
    for the rest of my life
    per il resto della mia vita
    for the rest…
    per il resto…
    and all the rest of it [informal]
  • 2 (other people)he is no different from the rest (of them)
    non è diverso dagli altri
    why can't you behave like the rest of us?
    perché non puoi comportarti come tutti gli altri?
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