There are 2 main translations of round British English o around American English the bend in Italian:

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round o aroundthe bend (British English) (American English)

fuori di testa
See parent entry: bend

Definition of round British English o around American English the bend in:

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There are 2 main translations of round British English o around American English the bend in Italian:

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British English: /raʊnd/
American English: /raʊnd/


Round often appears after verbs in English ( change round, gather round, get round, pass round etc.): for translations, consult the appropriate verb entry ( change, gather, get, pass1 etc.). For go round, see both the entry go and round 2 2 in the entry below.
(British English)
  • 1 (on all sides) See examples:all round whisky all round!
    whisky per tutti!
    there were smiles all round
    tutti sorridevano
    to go all the way round
    (fence, wall, moat)
    fare tutto il giro
  • 2 (in circular movement) See examples:to go round and round
    (wheel, carousel)
    girare intorno
    the tune was going round and round in my head
    non riuscivo a togliermi la musichetta dalla testa
  • 3 (to specific place, home) See examples:to be o go round to
    (office, school)
    to ask somebody (to come) round
    chiedere a qualcuno di passare
    she's coming round today to invite somebody round for lunch
    invitare qualcuno a casa per pranzo
    I'm just going round to Sandra's
    faccio solo un salto da Sandra
    I'll be round in a minute
    arrivo subito
  • 4 (in circumference) See examples:three metres round
    (tree trunk)
    di tre metri di circonferenza


(British English)
  • 1 (expressing location)
    intorno a
    (table, garden etc.)
    let's sit round the table
    sediamoci intorno al tavolo
    to sit round the fire
    sedersi intorno al fuoco
    the wall goes right round the house
    il muro gira tutt'intorno alla casa
    he had a scarf round his neck
    aveva una sciarpa intorno al collo
    what do you measure round the waist?
    quanto hai di vita?
  • 2 (expressing direction) See examples:to go round the corner to go round a bend (in road) the baker's is just round the corner
    il panificio è subito dietro l'angolo
    to go round a roundabout
    fare la rotonda
    to go round an obstacle
  • 3 (on tour, visit) See examples:shall I take you round the house?
    vuoi che ti faccia vedere la casa?
    her sister took us round Oxford to go round the shops
    andare per negozi
  • 4
    also: round about
    (approximately) round about 50 people
    più o meno 50 persone
    round about 9 am
    intorno alle nove
    it happened round about here (vicinity) See examples:the people round about
    la gente qui intorno
    the streets round about
    le strade nelle vicinanze, nei paraggi


  • 4 (complete)
    in round figures
    in cifre tonde
    in round figures, that's £100
    arrotondando, sono cento sterline
    a round dozen
    un'intera dozzina
    a nice round sum
    una bella sommetta
  • 5
    also: round- in composti
    con le guanciotte
    con gli occhioni
    col viso paffuto


  • 6 (of drinks) it's my round!
    pago io (da bere)! offro io!
    to pay for a round
    pagare da bere (per tutti)
  • 8 (Military) (shot fired) rounds of machine-gun fire
    raffiche di mitragliatrice
  • 9 (burst) See examples:round of applause to get a round of applause
    essere applaudito
    let's have a round of applause for David!
    facciamo un bell'applauso per David!
  • 10 (Cookery) (of bread) See examples:a round of toast
    una fetta di pane tostato
    a round of ham sandwiches
    panini (imbottiti) al prosciutto
  • 14 (Theatre)theatre in the round
    = teatro in cui gli spettatori sono disposti tutt'intorno al palcoscenico centrale

also: rounds plural noun

  • to do one's rounds
    fare il giro di visite
    (postman, refuse collector)
    fare il giro
    (security guard)
    to be out on one's rounds
    fare visite a domicilio
    to do o go o make the rounds
    (rumour, joke, document)
    fare il giro
    to go the rounds of
    fare il giro di
    (village, office)
    (garment, book)
    passare per
    (relations, family)
    to do the rounds of
    fare il giro di
    (employment agencies, relations)

transitive verb

Phrasal verbs

round down:

round [something] down, round down [something]
arrotondare [qualcosa] per difetto

round off:

round off [something], round [something] off 1.1 (finish off)
(meal, evening, visit, speech, season) with con
(education, process)
1.2 (make smooth)
(corner, edge)
1.3 (change)
(figure, number)

round on

(British English) round on [somebody]
(critic, opponent)
suddenly she rounded on me
all'improvviso mi si è rivoltata contro

round out:

round [something] out, round out [something]
(numbers, range)

round up:

1 round up [somebody], round [somebody] up
(protesters, inhabitants)
fare una retata di
(thieves, prostitutes, suspects)
to be rounded up
essere catturato
2 round up [something], round [something] up 2.1 2.2

Definition of round British English o around American English the bend in:

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