There are 2 entries that translate scratch into Italian:

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British English: /skratʃ/
American English: /skrætʃ/


  • 3 (action to relieve an itch)to have a scratch
    grattarsi o darsi una grattata
    to give one's arm, foot a scratch
    grattarsi un braccio, un piede
  • 5 [informal] (satisfaction, standard)he, his work is not up to scratch to keep something up to scratch
    mantenere qualcosa a un livello accettabile o al livello richiesto


transitive verb

  • 3 (trace)to scratch one's initials on something
    incidere le proprie iniziali su qualcosa
    to scratch a line in the soil
    tracciare una linea nella terra
  • 5 (react to itch)
    grattare (spot)
    to scratch one's arm, chin
    grattarsi un braccio, il mento
    to scratch an itch
    to scratch somebody's back
    grattare la schiena a qualcuno
    to scratch one's head [figurative]
    essere perplesso o mostrare perplessità
  • 7 (Sport) (withdraw)
    ritirare da una gara (horse, competitor)

intransitive verb

  • 1 (relieve itch)

reflexive verb

  • to scratch oneself
    (dog, person)


to scratch a living from the soil

guadagnarsi a stento da vivere coltivando la terra

you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

scratch a translator and you'll find a writer underneath!

in ogni traduttore si nasconde uno scrittore!

Phrasal verbs

scratch about

scratch around

scratch along

scratch around

razzolare (in in)
to scratch around to find the money
cercare dappertutto per trovare i soldi

scratch at:

scratch at [something]
grattare a (door)

scratch by

scratch along

scratch out:

scratch out [something], scratch [something] out
raschiare via, cancellare
to scratch somebody's eyes out
cavare gli occhi a qualcuno

scratch up:

scratch up [something], scratch [something] up [informal]
raggranellare (money)
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There are 2 entries that translate scratch into Italian:

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British English: /skratʃ/
American English: /skrætʃ/


  • the Old Scratch
    = il Diavolo
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