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British English: /skruː/
American English: /skru/

Translation of screw in Italian:


  • 4 [vulgar] (sex)to have a screw
    chiavare o farsi una scopata
    to be a good screw
    scopare bene

transitive verb

  • 1 (Technology)
    avvitare (object) (into in)
    to screw something onto o to a door, to the floor
    avvitare qualcosa alla porta, al pavimento
    he screwed the top on the bottle
    ha messo il tappo alla bottiglia o ha chiuso la bottiglia con il tappo
  • 2 [informal] (extort)to screw something out of somebody
    estorcere qualcosa a qualcuno
  • 3 [informal] (swindle)
    fregare (person)

intransitive verb

  • 1 (Technology)to screw onto, into something
    (part, component)
    avvitarsi su, in qualcosa


to have a screw loose


to put the screws on somebody

forzare la mano a qualcuno

screw you!

to have one's head screwed on

avere la testa sulle spalle

Phrasal verbs

screw around:

screw around 1.1 [informal] (sleep around)
andare a letto con tutti
1.2 (American English) [informal] (do nothing) 1.3 (American English) (refuse to be serious)
fare il cretino
quit screwing around
smettila di fare il cretino

screw down:

1 screw down (lid, hatch)
2 screw [something] down, screw down [something]
avvitare (lid, screw)

screw in:

1 screw in (handle, attachment)
2 screw [something] in, screw in [something]
avvitare (bolt)

screw off:

1 screw off (cap, lid)
2 screw [something] off, screw off [something]
svitare (cap, lid)

screw on:

1 screw on (lid, cap, handle)
2 screw [something] on, screw on [something]
avvitare (lid, cap, handle)

screw round

to screw one's head round
girare la testa

screw together:

1 screw together (parts)
2 screw [something] together, screw together [something]
fissare con viti (table, model)
she screwed the two parts together
ha fissato i due pezzi con delle viti o ha avvitato insieme i due pezzi

screw up:

1 screw up [informal] (mess up)
piantare un casino
2 screw [something] up, screw up [something] 2.1 (crumple)
accartocciare (piece of paper)
spiegazzare (material)
to screw up one's eyes to screw up one's face
fare una smorfia
2.2 [informal] (make a mess of)
mandare all'aria (plan, preparations, task)
2.3 (summon)to screw up one's courage
farsi coraggio o prendere il coraggio a due mani
to screw up the courage to do
3 screw [somebody] up [informal]
Definition of screw in:
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