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British English: /stɛp/
American English: /stɛp/

Translation of step in Italian:


  • 1 (pace) to take a step to walk o keep in step
    andare o marciare al passo
    to change step
    cambiare il passo
    I was a few steps behind her
    ero alcuni passi dietro di lei
    to fall into step with somebody
    mettersi al passo con qualcuno
    to break step one step out of line and you're finished! [informal] [figurative]
    se sgarri sei rovinato!
    to be out of step with the times, the rest of the world [figurative] to be in step with something [figurative]
    essere al passo con o stare dietro a qualcosa
    to watch one's step
    guardare dove si mettono i piedi
    you'd better watch your step! [informal] [figurative]
    faresti meglio a fare attenzione!
    to be two steps away from victory [figurative] to be one step ahead of the competition [figurative]
    essere un passo avanti rispetto ai propri concorrenti
    I'm with you every step of the way [figurative]
    sarò sempre al tuo fianco
  • 3 [figurative] (move)
    passo (masculine) (towards verso)
    a step forwards, backwards
    un passo avanti, indietro
    it's a step in the right direction
    è un passo nella giusta direzione
    to be a step towards doing
    essere un primo passo verso il fare
    the first step is the hardest to be one step closer to winning, finishing
    essere più vicino alla vittoria, a finire
    the first step is to…
    la prima cosa da fare è…
    promotion to head teacher would be a step up for him
    la nomina a preside sarebbe un avanzamento per lui
  • 7 (in dance) to know the steps to the tango
    sapere ballare il tango o conoscere i passi del tango
  • 9
    also: step aerobics
    step (masculine)
    step machine
    step, stepper

also: steps plural noun

transitive verb forma in -ing ecc. -pp-

intransitive verb forma in -ing ecc. -pp-

  • fare un passo, camminare (in in) (on su)
    to step into
    entrare in (house, lift, room)
    to step into somebody's office
    entrare nell'ufficio di qualcuno
    if you would just like to step this way
    se vuole seguirmi
    it's like stepping into another world, century
    è come ritrovarsi in un altro mondo, secolo
    to step off
    scendere da (bus, plane, pavement)
    to step onto
    salire su (scales, log, pavement)
    to step over
    scavalcare (fence, log, hole)
    to step through
    passare sotto (arch)
    passare attraverso (curtains)
    to step through the door
    passare dalla porta
    to step out of
    uscire da (house, room)
    to step out of line
    uscire dai ranghi (also figurative)
    to step up to
    avvicinarsi a (microphone, lectern)


one step at a time

un passo alla o per volta

to step on it

sbrigarsi o spicciarsi

to step on the gas

pigiare sull'acceleratore o sbrigarsi

Phrasal verbs

step aside

1 (physically)
farsi da parte (in order to per)
2 (in job transfer) to step aside in favour of somebody o for somebody
farsi da parte per qualcuno

step back

1 to step back from
allontanarsi da (microphone)
2 [figurative]
prendere le distanze (from da)

step down:

1 step down
dimettersi, ritirarsi
(as electoral candidate) ritirarsi, rinunciare
2 step down [something] 2.1
ridurre, diminuire (production, imports)
2.2 (Electricity)
ridurre il voltaggio di, devoltare

step forward

step in

to step in to do o to step in and do
intervenire per fare

step inside:

1 step inside 2 step inside [something]
entrare in (house, room)

step out

1 (show talent)
mostrare il proprio talento, venire fuori
2 (American English) [archaic]to step out with somebody
uscire con qualcuno

step outside:

1 step outside would you like to step outside (as threat)
vieni fuori (se hai il coraggio)!
2 step outside [something]
uscire da (house, room)

step round

to step round somebody's house
fare un salto da qualcuno

step up:

step up [something]
aumentare (production)
intensificare (fighting, campaign, action)
aumentare (spending, voltage)
aumentare, rafforzare (surveillance)
Definition of step in:
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