There are 2 translations of stick in Italian:


Pronunciation: /stɪk/


Definition of stick in:

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Pronunciation: ˌhɪpnə(ʊ)ˈpɒmpɪk
relating to the state immediately preceding waking up

There are 2 translations of stick in Italian:


vt (pt/pp stuck)

  • (stab) conficcare; (glue) attaccare; [infml], (put) mettere; [infml], (endure) sopportare be stuck [vehicle, person] essere bloccato [drawer] essere incastrato stuck in a traffic jam bloccato nel traffico be stuck for an answer non saper cosa rispondere stuck on [infml], attratto da be stuck with something [infml], farsi incastrare con qualcosa


Phrasal verbs

stick around

vi [infml] (stay) rimanere

stick at

vt stick at it [infml], tener duro stick at nothing [infml], non fermarsi di fronte a niente

stick by

vt (be faithful to) rimanere al fianco di [somebody]

stick down

vt incollare [flap]; [infml], (write down, put down) mettere

stick out

vi (project) sporgere; [infml], (catch the eye) risaltare
vt [infml], tirar fuori [tongue] stick it out (endure) tener duro stick one's neck out sbilanciarsi

stick to

vt (keep to) attenersi a [rules, facts]; mantenere [story]; perseverare in [task] I'll stick to beer continuo con la birra

stick together

vi [pages] incollarsi; (be loyal) aiutarsi a vicenda; (not split up) rimanere uniti

stick up

vi (project) sporgere

stick up for

vt [infml] difendere

stick with

vt (remain with) rimanere con [somebody]

Definition of stick in: