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British English: /sʌk/
American English: /sək/

Translation of suck in Italian:


  • to give something a suck
    succhiare qualcosa
    to have a suck of
    dare un'assaggiatina a (drink)
    to give suck

transitive verb

  • 1
    (drink in) (animal, machine)
    aspirare (liquid, air) (from da) (through con)
    (extract) succhiare (from da)
    he was sucking milk through a straw
    beveva il latte con una cannuccia
    to suck poison from a wound to suck blood
    succhiare il sangue
    to suck somebody dry [figurative]
    (of affection) vampirizzare qualcuno
    (of money) succhiare il sangue a qualcuno o spremere tutti i soldi a qualcuno
  • 2 (lick)
    succhiare (feeding bottle, fruit, pencil, pipe, thumb, cut, baby)
    succhiare (breast)
    to suck one's teeth
    = inspirare aria tra i denti a labbra serrate producendo un rumore che esprime disapprovazione

intransitive verb

  • 1 (baby) to suck at
    succhiare da (bottle)
    to suck at
    succhiare (ice)
    to suck on
    aspirare da (pipe, cigar, tube)
  • 2 (American English) [informal]it sucks!
    fa schifo!


sucks to you! suck it up

(British English) [informal]
(American English) [informal]
un po' di spina dorsale

Phrasal verbs

suck in:

suck in [something], suck [something] in
(sea, wind)
inspirare (air)
aspirare (air, dirt, liquid)
to suck in one's cheeks
risucchiarsi le guance
to suck in one's stomach

suck off

[informal] suck [somebody] off, suck off [somebody]
succhiarlo a, fare un pompino a (man)
leccarla a (woman)

suck out:

suck [something] out, suck out [something]
aspirare (air, liquid, dirt) (from da)
succhiare (poison, blood) (from da)
to be sucked out of a plane
essere risucchiato fuori da un aereo

suck up:

1 suck up [informal]
leccare i piedi
to suck up to somebody
leccare i piedi a qualcuno
2 suck [something] up, suck up [something]
pompare (liquid)
aspirare (dirt)

Definition of suck in:

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