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tear 1

British English: /tɛː/
American English: /tɛr/


transitive verb pass. tore p.pass. torn

  • 1 (rip)
    strappare (garment, paper) (on contro)
    dilaniare, lacerare (flesh, prey)
    to tear something from o out of
    strappare qualcosa da (book, notepad)
    to tear a hole in something
    fare uno strappo o un buco in qualcosa
    I've torn a hole in my coat
    ho fatto uno strappo o un buco nel cappotto
    to tear something in half o in two
    strappare qualcosa in due
    to tear something in(to) pieces o strips
    fare a pezzi qualcosa
    to tear [something]. to pieces o bits o shreds [figurative]
    demolire (proposal, argument, book, film)
    strappare (fabric)
    demolire (object)
    to tear somebody to pieces [figurative]
    fare a pezzi o distruggere qualcuno
    to tear one's hair (out)
    strapparsi i capelli (also figurative)
    to tear a muscle, ligament
    strapparsi un muscolo, un legamento
    “tear along the dotted line”
    “strappare lungo la linea tratteggiata”
  • 2 (remove by force)to tear something from o off
    scoperchiare (roof)
    strappare qualcosa da (surface, object)
    to tear something from somebody's hands o grasp
    strappare di mano qualcosa a qualcuno
    he was torn from his mother's arms
    fu strappato dalle braccia della madre
    to tear something out of
    strappare qualcosa da (ground)
    you nearly tore my arm out of its socket!
    mi hai quasi lussato la spalla!
  • 3sempre passivo (emotionally)to be torn between
    essere combattuto tra (options, persons)
    she's torn between keeping on her job and going to college
    non sa se continuare a lavorare o iscriversi all'università

intransitive verb pass. tore p.pass. torn

  • 1 (rip)
    to tear into
    fare un buco in (flesh, cloth)
  • 2 (rush)to tear out, off, past to tear up, down the stairs she came tearing into the yard, house she went tearing (off) down the road
    corse velocemente giù per la strada
    they were tearing along at 150 km/h
    filavano a 150 km/h
    the car came tearing around the corner
    l'auto prese la curva a tutta birra
    they're tearing around the streets
    stanno scorrazzando per le vie a tutta birra
    I tore through the book in two days
    ho divorato il libro in due giorni
  • 4 [informal] (criticize)to tear into
    criticare duramente, distruggere (person, play, film, book) (about per)


that's torn it!

(British English) [informal]
ci mancava solo questa!

Phrasal verbs

tear apart:

1 tear [something] apart, tear apart [something] 1.1 (destroy)
dilaniare (prey)
demolire (game, building)
distruggere (organization, country)
distruggere (relationship)
criticare duramente, demolire (film, novel, essay)
1.2 (separate)
separare (connected items)
2 tear [somebody] apart 2.1 [figurative] (torment) 2.2 [informal] (criticize)
fare a pezzi
(dismember) smembrare
(separate) separare (two people)

tear away:

1 tear away (paper, tape)
2 tear away [something]
strappare (wrapping, bandage)
3 tear [somebody] away
strappare (person) (from da)
to tear one's gaze away
distogliere lo sguardo
to tear oneself away from something, somebody
staccarsi da qualcosa, qualcuno (to do per fare) (also ironic)

tear down:

tear [something] down, tear down [something]
demolire, abbattere (building, wall, statue)
to tear something down from
tirare giù da (wall, lamppost)

tear off:

tear [something] off, tear off [something] 1.1 (remove)
(carefully) staccare (strappando) (coupon, strip, petal)
(violently) tirare giù (aerial, wiper)
strappare (wrapping paper)
to tear somebody's clothes off
strappare i vestiti di dosso a qualcuno
1.2 [informal] (write)
buttare giù (letter, memo)

tear open:

tear open [something], tear [something] open
aprire strappando

tear out:

tear [something] out, tear out [something]
staccare (coupon, cheque)
strappare (page, picture)

tear up:

tear [something] up, tear up [something] 1.1 (destroy)
strappare (page, letter, document) into (in in)
1.2 (remove)
sradicare (tree)
spiantare (tracks, tramlines)
dissestare (street, pavement)
1.3 [figurative] (reject)
rifiutare (treaty, legislation, contract)
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There are 2 entries that translate tear into Italian:

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tear 2

British English: /tɪə/
American English: /tɪr/

noun gener. pl.

  • close to tears
    sul punto di piangere
    in tears
    in lacrime
    to burst o dissolve into tears to reduce somebody to tears
    fare piangere qualcuno
    to shed tears of rage
    versare lacrime di rabbia
    to shed tears of laughter it brings tears to the eyes
    fa venire le lacrime agli occhi
    it brought tears to her eyes o it moved her to tears
    le fece venire le lacrime agli occhi
    there were tears in his eyes
    aveva le lacrime agli occhi
    French, gardening without tears
    il francese, il giardinaggio per tutti


to end in tears

(game, party)
finire in lacrime
(campaign, experiment)
finire male
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