Translation of throw in Italian:


Pronunciation: /θrəʊ/

vt (pt threw pp, thrown)

Phrasal verbs

throw about

vt spargere throw one's money about sbandierare i propri soldi

throw away

vt gettare via

throw back

vt ributtare in acqua [fish]; rilanciare [ball]

throw in

vt (include at no extra cost) aggiungere [gratuitamente]; (in football) rimettere in gioco throw the towel or the sponge [fig], abbandonare il campo

throw off

vt seminare [pursuers]; liberarsi di [cold, infection etc]

throw together

vt (assemble hastily) mettere insieme; improvvisare [meal]; (bring into contact) fare incontrare

throw out

vt gettare via; rigettare [plan]; buttare fuori [person]

throw up

vi (vomit) vomitare

Definition of throw in:

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