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British English: /tʌɪ/
American English: /taɪ/

Translation of tie in Italian:


  • 1 (piece of clothing)
    also: neck tie
    regimental, school tie (British English)
    cravatta del reggimento, della scuola
  • 5 (draw) (Sport) to end in a tie
    concludersi con un pareggio o finire in parità
    there was a tie for second place
    finirono secondi ex aequo o a pari merito
    there was a tie between the candidates
    i candidati ottennero lo stesso numero di voti

transitive verb forma in -ing tying

  • 3 [figurative] (link) to tie somebody, something to something
    collegare qualcuno, qualcosa a qualcosa
    to be tied to
    (linked to) essere legato a (belief)
    essere collegato a (growth, activity)
    essere indicizzato a (inflation, interest rate)
    (constrained by) (person)
    essere legato a (party, group)
    essere vincolato a (company)
    essere costretto a (house)
    (person, business)
    essere sottoposto a (limitations, market forces)

intransitive verb forma in -ing tying

  • 1 (fasten)
    the ribbons tie at the back
    i nastri si legano dietro
    the laces, rope won't tie
    non c'è modo di legare i lacci, la corda
  • 2 (draw)
    (in match) pareggiare (with con)
    (in race) arrivare ex aequo (with con)
    (in vote) (candidates)
    ottenere lo stesso numero di voti
    to tie for second, third place
    essere secondo, terzo ex aequo
    to tie on 20 points
    essere 20 a 20

reflexive verb forma in -ing tying

  • to tie oneself to
    attaccarsi a (railings, etc.)
    inchiodarsi a (job)
    vincolarsi a (commitment)


my hands are tied

ho le mani legate

Phrasal verbs

tie back:

tie [something] back, tie back [something]
legare [qualcosa] dietro la nuca (hair)

tie down:

tie [somebody, something] down, tie down [somebody, something]
(hold fast) ancorare (hot air balloon)
immobilizzare (hostage)
she feels tied down [figurative]
si sente costretta o soffocata
to tie somebody down to something (limit)
imporre qualcosa a qualcuno
to tie somebody down to an exact date, price
vincolare qualcuno a una data precisa, a un determinato prezzo
to tie oneself down
vincolarsi (to a)

tie in with:

1 tie in with [something] 1.1 (tally)
concordare con (fact, event)
it all ties in with what we've been saying
1.2 (have link)
essere collegato a
does this fact tie in with the murder?
questo ha a che fare con l'omicidio?
2 tie [something] in with something, tie in [something] with something 2.1 (combine)
combinare [qualcosa] con qualcosa
2.2 (connect)
collegare [qualcosa] con qualcosa (fact, information)

tie on:

tie [something] on, tie on [something]
attaccare (con un laccio) (label, ribbon, bauble)

tie together:

1 tie together
(facts, information)
2 tie [something] together, tie together [something]
legare insieme (bundles, objects)
we tied his hands together
gli legammo le mani

tie up:

tie [somebody, something] up, tie up [somebody, something] 1.1
(secure) legare (prisoner, animal)
ormeggiare (boat)
1.2 (Economics) (freeze)
bloccare (shares)
1.3 (finalize)
definire (details, matters)
concludere (deal)
to tie up the loose ends
fare gli ultimi ritocchi o aggiustare gli ultimi dettagli
1.4 (hinder)
bloccare (procedure)
(American English)
bloccare (traffic, route)
(American English)
sospendere, bloccare (production)
to get tied up
(traffic, route)
essere bloccato
essere sospeso
essere impegnato o occupato
to be tied up (be busy)
essere impegnato o occupato
he's tied up in a meeting, with a client
è impegnato in una riunione, con un cliente
I'm a bit tied up right now
Definition of tie in:
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