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British English: /tuː/
American English: /tu/

Translation of too in Italian:


When too means also it is generally translated by anche which is usually placed before the word it refers to: you too = anche tu; can I have some too? = posso averne un po' anch'io? - When too means to an excessive degree ( too high too dangerous too fast), it is translated by troppo: troppo alto troppo pericoloso troppo in fretta. - For examples of the above and further usages, see the entry below.
  • 1 (also, as well) you too could be a winner!
    potresti vincere anche tu!
    “I love you” - “I love you too”
    “ti amo” - “ti amo anch'io”
    have you been to India too?
    (as well as other countries) sei stato anche in India?
    he speaks French, German too
    parla anche francese, tedesco
    the town has changed, so too have the inhabitants
    la città è cambiata, e così i suoi abitanti
    “have a nice evening” - “you too!”
    “buona serata” - “anche a te!”
    she's kind but she's strict too
    è gentile ma è anche esigente
  • 2 (reinforcing an opinion)you should talk to someone - and soon too
    dovresti parlarne con qualcuno, e presto
    Christine cooked the meal - and very tasty it is too!
    Christine ha preparato il pranzo - e che pranzo!
    she was very annoyed and quite right too!
    era molto arrabbiata e ne aveva tutte le ragioni!
    they sacked him and quite right too!
    lo licenziarono e per delle ottime ragioni!
  • 3 (expressing indignation, annoyance)“they're here” - “about time too!”
    “sono qui” - “alla buon'ora!”
    “I'm sorry” - “I should think so too!”
    “mi dispiace” - “lo spero bene!”
    it was such a smart jacket, expensive too
    era una giacca davvero elegante, e anche costosa
    …and in front of your mother too!
    …e per di più di fronte a tua madre!
  • 4 (excessively) the coat is too big for him just too big, nosy
    solo troppo grosso, ficcanaso
    it's too early to leave it's too early for them to leave
    è troppo presto perché possano partire
    the tray was too heavy for me to carry
    il vassoio era troppo pesante da portare per me
    it's too easy (for them) to criticize
    è troppo facile da parte loro criticare
    I was too shocked to speak
    ero troppo scioccato per parlare
    it's too hot a day for walking it's too fast a game for me
    è un gioco troppo veloce per me
    too many, too few people
    troppe, troppo poche persone
    too much traffic I ate too much
    mangiai troppo
    it's too much of a strain she's too much of a feminist, a diplomat to do
    è troppo femminista, diplomatica per fare
    he was in too much of a hurry to talk
    aveva troppa fretta per parlare
    too silly for words
    troppo stupido per parlarne
    it was too little too late
    era troppo poco e troppo tardi
    the measures were too little too late
    le misure furono insufficienti e tardive
  • 5 (emphatic: very) you're too kind!
    sei troppo gentile! (also ironic)
    they'll be only too pleased to help
    saranno ben felici di aiutare
    he's only too ready to criticize
    è sempre prontissimo a fare critiche
    she hasn't been too well recently
    non è stata troppo bene di recente
    that's too bad!
    (a pity) è un gran peccato!
    (tough) tanto peggio!
    “so you're annoyed” - “too right (I am)!”
    “e allora sei arrabbiato” - “eccome (se lo sono)!”
  • 6 (in negatives) he's not too mad about jazz
    non va granché matto per il jazz
    he didn't do too bad a job
    non ha lavorato tanto male
    it wasn't too bad
    (film, trip)
    non era tanto male
    you weren't too bad at all!
    non eri niente male!
    he wasn't too bad
    (in health) non stava troppo male
    (in appearance) non stava tanto male
    (in his reactions) non era tanto arrabbiato o non se l'è presa tanto
    we're not too thrilled
    non siamo tanto entusiasti
    I'm not too sure about that
    non ne sono troppo o tanto sicuro
    it's not too far removed from blackmail
    rasenta il ricatto
    “they've arrived” - “none too soon!”
    “sono arrivati” - “mai troppo presto!”
  • 7 [informal] (contradicting: so)“you don't know how to swim” - “I do too!”
    “tu non sai nuotare” - “sì che so nuotare!”
    “he didn't pinch you” - “he did too!”
    “non ti ha pizzicato” - “e invece sì!”
  • 9
    also: only too
    fin troppo
    it's only too obvious that …
    è fin troppo ovvio, evidente che …
    I remember it only too well they were only too pleased to help
    erano felicissimi di poter aiutare
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