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British English: /ənˈtɪl/
American English: /ˌənˈtɪl/
When used as a preposition in positive sentences, until is translated by fino a or sino a: they're staying until Monday = rimarranno fino/sino a lunedì. Remember that, if a definite article form follows fino a, a is modified according to the number and gender of the following noun: until the right moment = fino al momento giusto until the break of war = fino allo scoppio della guerra until the end = fino alla fine until next year = fino all'anno prossimo until dawn = fino all'alba until next exams = fino ai prossimi esami until the eighties = fino agli anni ottanta until next holidays = fino alle prossime vacanze. - In negative sentences not until is translated by non…fino a: I can't see you until Friday = non posso vederti fino a venerdì. - When used as a conjunction, until is translated by finché (non) or fino a quando: we'll stay here until Maya comes back = rimarremo qui finché (non) / fino a quando torna Maya; don't speak a word until I tell you = non dire una parola finché non te lo dico io. - In negative sentences where the two verbs have the same subject, not until is translated by prima di + infinitive: we won't leave until we've seen Claire = non ce ne andremo prima di avere visto Claire. - For more examples and particular usages, see the entry below.

Translation of until in Italian:


  • 1
    also: till
    (up to a specific time) fino a, sino a
    (after negative verb) prima di
    until Tuesday
    fino a martedì
    until the sixties
    fino agli anni sessanta
    until very recently until a year ago
    fino a un anno fa
    until now
    fino a ora
    until then (up) until 1901
    fino al 1901
    valid (up) until April 2005 you have until the end of the month
    hai tempo fino alla fine del mese (to do per fare)
    until the day he died
    fino al giorno della sua morte
    until well after midnight
    fino a ben oltre la mezzanotte
    to wait until after Easter from Monday until Saturday
    da lunedì fino a sabato
    put it off until tomorrow
    rimandalo a domani
    until such time as you find work
    fino a quando non trovi lavoro
    it won't be ready until next week I won't know until Tuesday they didn't ring until the following day
    si fecero vivi solo il giorno seguente
    it wasn't until the 50's that …
    non fu prima degli anni cinquanta che …
    nothing changed until after the war
    niente cambiò fino a dopo la guerra
  • 2 (as far as)
    fino a
    stay on the bus until Egham
    resta sul pullman fino a quando non arrivi ad Egham

conjunction till

  • we'll stay until a solution is reached and so it continued until they left
    e andò avanti così finché non se ne andarono
    let's watch TV until they arrive
    guardiamo la televisione finché non arrivano
    things won't improve until we have democracy
    le cose non miglioreranno finché non ci sarà una democrazia
    stir mixture until (it is) smooth (Cookery) until you are dead (Law) wait until I get back
    aspetta finché non ritorno
    I'll wait until I get back
    aspetto di tornare (before doing per fare)
    wait until I tell you!
    aspetta che te lo racconti!
    she waited until she was alone
    attese di rimanere sola
    she waited until they were alone
    aspettò che rimanessero soli
    don't look until I tell you to you can't leave until you've completed the course
    non puoi andartene finché non hai finito il corso
    don't ring me until you know for sure we can't decide until we know the details
    non possiamo prendere una decisione finché non saremo a conoscenza dei particolari
    not until then did she realize that …
    solo allora si rese conto che …
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