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British English: /wɒʃ/
American English: /wɑʃ/
, /wɔʃ/

Translation of wash in Italian:


  • 1 (by person)to give [something] a wash
    lavare (window, floor, paintwork, walls)
    pulire o lavare (object)
    lavarsi o dare una lavata a (hands, face)
    to give somebody a wash
    lavare o dare una lavata a (child)
    you need a good wash
    hai bisogno di una bella lavata
    to have a quick wash these curtains need a wash
    queste tende hanno bisogno di essere lavate
    your feet need a wash
    i tuoi piedi hanno bisogno di una lavata
    before n frequent wash shampoo
  • 2 (laundry process) weekly wash
    bucato settimanale
    after only two washes
    dopo due soli lavaggi
    in the wash
    (about to be cleaned) nella biancheria sporca o da lavare
    (being cleaned) a lavare o nel bucato

transitive verb

  • 1 (clean)
    lavare (person, clothes, floor, paintwork, surface)
    pulire (object, wound)
    to get washed to wash everything by hand, in the machine
    lavare tutto a mano, in lavatrice
    to wash one's hands, face
    lavarsi le mani, la faccia
    to wash something clean
    lavare (hands, clothes, floor, paintwork)
    pulire (cut)
    to wash the dishes
  • 2 (carry along)
    (tide, current)
    trasportare (silt, debris)
    to be washed out to sea
    essere portato al largo
    to be washed along by the tide
    essere trasportato o travolto dalla marea
    to be washed downstream
    essere trascinato o trasportato a valle
    to wash somebody, something ashore
    (tras)portare qualcuno, qualcosa a riva
    to wash somebody, something overboard
    trascinare qualcuno, qualcosa a mare
  • 3 [literary] (lap against)
    lambire (rock, shore)
  • 4 (dig out) the water had washed a hole in the bank
    l'acqua aveva scavato un solco sulla sponda
  • 5 (coat) (Art)
    lavare (drawing)
    spandere uno strato di colore su, tinteggiare (wall)
    (with whitewash) dare una mano di bianco a (wall)
    to wash a wall in pink
    tinteggiare un muro di rosa
    to wash something with gold
    placcare d'oro qualcosa (metal, coin)
  • 6 (Chemistry, Mining) (purify by separation)
    lavare (gas, ore)

intransitive verb

  • 1 (clean oneself)
  • 4 [informal] (be believed)his explanation won't wash with the electorate
    l'elettorato non crederà alla sua spiegazione
    that excuse won't wash with me
    questa scusa non attacca con me

reflexive verb

  • to wash oneself


it will all come out in the wash

(be revealed) verrà tutto a galla
(be resolved) si risolverà tutto

to wash one's hands of

lavarsi le mani di (matter)
disinteressarsi di (person)

Phrasal verbs

wash away:

1 wash [something] away, wash away [something] 1.1 (clean)
fare andare via (dirt)
lavare, cancellare (sins)
1.2 (carry off)
(flood, tide, current)
spazzare via, portare via (structure)
trasportare (debris)
(by erosion) (sea)
erodere, dilavare (cliff, bank)
2 wash [somebody] away
(wave, tide)
trascinare via (person)

wash down:

wash [something] down, wash down [something] 1.1 (clean)
lavare (con un getto d'acqua) (surface, paintwork, vehicle)
1.2 [informal] (help to swallow)
aiutare a mandare giù (pill, unpleasant food)
annaffiare (food)
a good steak washed down with a glass of Chianti
una buona bistecca annaffiata con un bicchiere di Chianti

wash off:

1 wash off 2 wash [something] off, wash off [something] 2.1 (clean off)
fare andare via, rimuovere [qualcosa] lavando (dirt, mark)
to wash the mud off the car
lavare la macchina per togliere il fango
go and wash that dirt off your face
vai a toglierti quello sporco dalla faccia
2.2 (carry off)
drenare (topsoil)

wash out:

1 wash out 1.1
(disappear by cleaning) (stain)
andare via (con il lavaggio)
(in advertising) stains that won't wash out
macchie ostinate
1.2 (American English) [informal] (fail to reach standard for)she washed out of college
non ce l'ha fatta all'università
2 wash [something] out, wash out [something] 2.1 (remove by cleaning)
fare andare via, rimuovere lavando (stain)
fare sbiadire, dilavare (colour)
2.2 (rinse inside)
lavare, sciacquare (cup, inside)
2.3 (clean quickly)
sciacquare (dishcloth, brush)
2.4gener. passivo (rain off)the first day's play was washed out
la prima giornata è stata annullata per la pioggia
estrarre (precious metal)
(from mud) sfangare (precious metal)

wash over

spazzare (deck)
everything I say just washes over him a great feeling of relief washed over me
un grande senso di sollievo mi pervase

wash through:

wash [something] through

wash up:

1 wash up 1.1 (British English) (do dishes) 1.2 (American English) (clean oneself)
2 wash [something] up, wash up [something] 2.1 (clean)
lavare (plate, pan)
2.2 (bring to shore)
trasportare, depositare a riva (body, debris)

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