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weigh 1

British English: /weɪ/
American English: /weɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1
    pesare (object, person, quantity)
    to weigh 10 kilos
    pesare 10 chili
    how much o what do you weigh? to weigh something in one's hand
    soppesare qualcosa
  • 2 (consider carefully)
    considerare bene (advantages, arguments, evidence, factors, options, points)
    ponderare (consequences, risk, words)
    to weigh the pros and cons to weigh something against something
    mettere sulla bilancia qualcosa e qualcosa
    to weigh something in the balance
    mettere sulla bilancia qualcosa
    to be weighed in the balance and found wanting
    non superare l'esame

intransitive verb

  • 1 (have influence)to weigh with somebody
    contare per qualcuno
    to weigh heavily, very little with somebody
    contare molto, molto poco per qualcuno
    to weigh against somebody
    giocare a sfavore di qualcuno
    to weigh in somebody's favour
    giocare a favore di qualcuno
  • 2 (be a burden)to weigh on somebody
    pesare su qualcuno
    the responsibility weighs heavily on her
    la responsabilità grava su di lei
    to weigh on somebody's conscience
    pesare sulla coscienza di qualcuno
    to weigh on somebody's mind
    assillare la mente di qualcuno

reflexive verb

  • to weigh oneself

Phrasal verbs

weigh down:

1 weigh down on [somebody, something]
pesare su (person, object)
2 weigh down [something, somebody], weigh [something, somebody] down
sovraccaricare (vehicle, boat)
piegare (branches, tree)
bloccare (papers, sheet)
[figurative] (responsibility, anxiety, debt)
opprimere (person)
to be weighed down with
essere piegato in due dal peso di (luggage)
essere ricoperto di (gifts, prizes)
essere gravato da (worry, guilt)

weigh in

(boxer, wrestler, jockey)
andare al peso
to weigh in at 60 kg
pesare 60 chili (prima dell'incontro o della corsa)
2 (contribute to appeal, effort) to weigh in with something
contribuire con qualcosa
3 (intervene in debate) to weigh in with one's opinion

weigh out

pesare (ingredients, quantity)

weigh up:

weigh up [something, somebody], weigh [something, somebody] up 1.1 [figurative]
valutare (prospects, situation)
farsi un'opinione su (stranger, opponent)
esaminare (options, benefits, risks)
after weighing things up, I decided…
dopo avere esaminato la situazione, ho deciso…
pesare (fruit, coal)
Definition of weigh in:
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There are 2 entries that translate weigh into Italian:

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weigh 2

British English: /weɪ/
American English: /weɪ/


  • under weigh (in motion through the water)
    per via, in cammino
Definition of weigh in:
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