There are 2 main translations of well in Italian:

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well 1

British English: /wɛl/
American English: /wɛl/

adjective compar. better superl. best

  • 1 (in good health) See examples:to feel well
    sentirsi bene
    are you well? I'm very well, thank you she's not well enough to travel
    non sta ancora abbastanza bene per viaggiare
    he's not a well man people who are well don't need doctors
    chi sta bene non ha bisogno di dottori
    she doesn't look at all well
    non sembra proprio in forma
    to get well
    stare meglio
    get well soon! “how is he?” - “as well as can be expected”
    “come sta?” - “non peggio del previsto”
  • 2 (in satisfactory state, condition) all is well she began to fear that all was not well
    cominciò a temere che ci fossero dei problemi
    all is not well in their marriage
    ci sono dei problemi nel loro matrimonio
    I hope all is well with you all being well, I'll be home before six that's all very well, but
    è tutto molto bello, però
    it's all very well to go on strike, but
    è giusto scioperare, ma
    it's all very well for you to laugh, but
    tu fai presto a ridere, ma
    that's all very well for him, but some of us have to work for a living if you think you can cope on your own, well and good
    se pensi di farcela da solo, va benissimo
  • 3 (advisable, prudent) See examples:it would be just as well to check
    sarebbe meglio controllare
    it would be as well for you not to get involved
    faresti meglio a non immischiarti
    it might be as well to telephone first
    prima sarebbe opportuno telefonare
  • 4 (fortunate) See examples:it was just as well for him that the shops were still open
    gli è andata bene che i negozi erano ancora aperti
    it's just as well you're not hungry, because I didn't buy any food
    meno male che non hai fame, perché non ho comprato niente da mangiare
    the flight was delayed, which was just as well
    per fortuna il volo era in ritardo

adverb compar. better superl. best

  • 1 (satisfactorily)
    (treat, behave, feed, eat, sleep, perform etc.)
    to work well
    funzionare bene
    these scissors cut well
    queste forbici tagliano bene
    he isn't eating very well
    non mangia molto
    she can play the piano as well as her sister
    suona il piano bene quanto sua sorella
    that boy will do well
    quel ragazzo farà strada
    he hasn't done as well as he might
    non ha fatto quanto avrebbe potuto
    I did well in the general knowledge questions
    sono andato bene nelle domande di cultura generale
    to do well at school mother and baby are both doing well
    la madre e il bambino stanno entrambi bene
    the operation went well
    l'operazione è andata bene
    you did well to tell me he would do well to remember that …
    farebbe bene a ricordare che …
    we'll be doing well if we get there on time
    saremo fortunati se arriveremo in tempo
    if all goes well all went well until
    andò tutto bene finché
    well done!
    well played!
    bravo! bel colpo!
    he has done very well for himself since he became self-employed
    se la cava molto bene da quando lavora in proprio
    to do oneself well
    trattarsi bene o non farsi mancare nulla
    to do well by somebody
    mostrarsi gentile con qualcuno o comportarsi bene con qualcuno
    they're doing quite well out of the mail-order business
    la loro vendita per corrispondenza sta andando piuttosto bene
    some businessmen did quite well out of the war
    alcuni uomini d'affari si sono arricchiti parecchio durante la guerra
    she didn't come out of it very well
    (of situation)
    non ne è uscita molto bene
    (of article, programme etc.)
    non le ha fatto molto onore
    as I know only too well
    come ben so
    he is well able to look after himself
    è perfettamente in grado di badare a se stesso
  • 2 (used with modal verbs) See examples:you may well be right
    potresti anche avere ragione
    I might well go there
    potrei anche andarci
    the concert might very well be cancelled I can well believe it
    credo bene o ci credo
    it may well be that …
    potrebbe anche darsi che …
    I couldn't very well say no you may well ask!
    hai un bel chiedere!
    we might just as well have stayed at home
    avremmo potuto starcene benissimo a casa
    we may as well go home
    potremmo benissimo andarcene a casa
    one might well ask why the police were not informed
    verrebbe da chiedersi perché la polizia non ne fosse stata informata
    “shall I shut the door?” - “you might as well”
    “chiudo la porta?” - “fai pure”
    he offered to pay for the damage, as well he might!
    si è offerto di pagare i danni, mi sembra il minimo!
    she looked shocked, as well she might
    sembrava scioccata, e non c'è da stupirsi
    we didn't panic, as well we might (have done)
  • 3 (intensifier)
    to be well over the speed limit she is well over 30 she looks well over 30
    sembra che abbia o dimostra molto più di 30 anni
    there were well over a hundred people
    c'erano molto più di cento persone
    the house is well over a hundred years old
    la casa ha ben più di un secolo
    the museum is well worth a visit it was well worth waiting for
    è valsa proprio la pena di aspettare
    the weather remained fine well into September
    il tempo è rimasto bello fino a settembre inoltrato
    she was active well into her eighties
    era attiva nonostante i suoi ottant'anni suonati
    temperatures are well up in the twenties
    le temperature sono ben al di sopra dei venti gradi
    profits are well above, below average
    i guadagni sono ben al di sopra, al di sotto della media
    stand well back from the kerb
    state ben lontani dal bordo della strada
    the house is situated well back from the road
    la casa è ben distante dalla strada
    it was well after midnight
    era ben dopo la mezzanotte
    it went on until well after midnight
    è continuato fino ben oltre la mezzanotte
    the party went on well into the night
    la festa è andata avanti fino a notte inoltrata
  • 5to wish somebody well
    augurare ogni bene a qualcuno
    I wish you well of it! [ironic]
    tanti auguri!
  • 6as well (also) as well as (in addition to)
    così come
    is Tom coming as well?
    viene anche Tom?
    you know as well as I do why he left
    sai bene quanto me perché se ne è andato
    he is studying Italian as well as French
    studia italiano e anche francese
    I worked on Saturday as well as on Sunday they have a house in the country as well as an apartment in Paris
    hanno una casa in campagna e anche un appartamento a Parigi
    by day as well as by night
    di giorno così come di notte
  • 7 (British English) [informal]it was well good! o well bad! (in approval)
    era una ficata!


  • (expressing astonishment)
    (expressing indignation, disgust)
    (expressing disappointment)
    (after pause in conversation, account)
    well, who would have thought it! well, I think so well, you may have a point, but
    certo non hai tutti i torti, però
    well, you may be right well, as I was saying well, that's too bad
    è veramente un peccato
    well then, what's the problem? they've gone already? oh well!
    se ne sono già andati? che peccato!
    oh well, there's nothing I can do about it well, well, well, if it isn't my aunt Violet!
    guarda, guarda, quella è mia zia Violet!
    well, well, well, so you're off to America?
    e così parti per l'America?
    the weather was good, well, good for March
    il tempo era bello, insomma, bello per il mese di marzo
    “he said he'd kill himself” - “well, did he?”
    “disse che si sarebbe ucciso” - “e l'ha fatto veramente?”
    very well then
    molto bene


all's well that ends well

tutto bene ciò che finisce bene

to be well in with somebody

stare bene con qualcuno

to be well up in something

conoscere bene qualcosa

to leave well alone well enough alone

(British English) o (American English) (not get involved)
non metterci le mani

I would leave well alone if I were you

se fossi in te mi terrei fuori

you're well out of it!

per fortuna ne sei fuori!

well and truly

well and truly over, lost

Definition of well in:

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There are 2 main translations of well in Italian:

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well 2
British English: /wɛl/
American English: /wɛl/


  • 4 (British English) (Law) (in law court)
    = spazio riservato ai difensori

intransitive verb

Phrasal verbs

well up

tears welled up in my eyes
mi vennero le lacrime agli occhi
anger welled up inside me
la rabbia crebbe dentro me

Definition of well in:

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