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British English: /rʌɪt/
American English: /raɪt/

Translation of write in Italian:



transitive verb pass. wrote [archaic] writ p.pass. written [archaic] writ

  • 2 (American English) (compose a letter to)
    scrivere (una lettera) a (person)
    write me when you get to Rome
    scrivimi quando arrivi a Roma

intransitive verb pass. wrote [archaic] writ p.pass. written [archaic] writ

  • 1 (form words) to learn to write
    imparare a scrivere
    to write in pencil, pen
    scrivere a matita, a penna o con la matita, con la penna
    to write neatly, badly
    scrivere bene, male
    this pen doesn't write
    questa penna non scrive
    I have nothing to write with
    non ho nulla per scrivere o con cui scrivere
    give me something to write on
    dammi qualcosa su cui scrivere
  • 3 (correspond)
    scrivere (to somebody a qualcuno)
    I'll try to write every week
    cercherò di scrivere tutte le settimane

Phrasal verbs

write away

scrivere (to a)
to write away for something
scrivere per chiedere, ordinare per posta (catalogue, details)

write back:

1 write back
rispondere (to a)
2 write [something] back (Administration, Economics)
reinserire (asset)
3 write back [something]
scrivere (letter)

write down:

write [something] down, write down [something] 1.1 (note)
prendere nota di, annotare (details, name)
scriversi, mettere giù, buttare giù (ideas, suggestions)
1.2 (record)
annotare, registrare (information, findings, adventures)
1.3 (Business, Economics) (reduce)
svalutare (stocks)
ridurre (debt)

write in:

1 write in
scrivere, mandare una lettera (to somebody a qualcuno) (to do per fare)
please write in with your suggestions
mandateci i vostri suggerimenti
to write in to
scrivere (una lettera) a (TV show, presenter)
2 write [somebody] in (American English) (Politics)to write a candidate in
= votare per un candidato il cui nome non è presente in lista

write off:

1 write off to write off for
scrivere per chiedere (catalogue, information)
2 write [something, somebody] off 2.1
(in insurance) danneggiare in modo irreparabile (car)
2.2 (Administration)
stornare (bad debt, loss)
ammortare (capital)
(end) cancellare (debt)
annullare (project, operation)
2.4 (dismiss)
liquidare (person, athlete)
to write somebody off for dead
dare qualcuno per morto o considerare qualcuno morto

write out:

1 write [something] out, write out [something] 1.1 (put down on paper)
scrivere (instructions, list)
1.2 (copy)
trascrivere, ricopiare (lines, words)
write it out again neatly
ricopialo bene
2 write [somebody] out (Television, Radio)
eliminare (character) (of da)

write up:

write [something] up, write up [something] 1.1 (produce in report form)
riscrivere, riordinare (findings, notes)
1.2 (Administration, Economics)
rivalutare (asset)
Definition of write in:
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