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Pronunciation: /əkˈsept/


  • 1 (receive willingly) [gift/invitation/award/job] aceptar; [credit card/check] aceptar they accepted him into their circle lo admitieron or aceptaron en su círculo
    More example sentences
    • The proposal was accepted and a policy was issued by Powell on behalf of the Defendants.
    • If he accepts the proposal, the NIU would be left with only nine members and would lose its status as a group.
    • The type of train system - the options include elevated, ground, monorail, light rail - would be decided before accepting proposals, he said.
  • 2 2.1 [argument/theory] aceptar; [evidence] aceptar, admitir; [explanation/apology] aceptar it is accepted practice in this sort of case es la práctica establecida en este tipo de casos the accepted wisdom is that … la opinión de los que saben es que … 2.2 (recognize) reconocer* I accept your right to refuse reconozco que tienes derecho a negarte I accept that there is room for improvement reconozco que podría mejorarse do you accept that you were wrong? ¿reconoces or admites que estabas equivocado?
    More example sentences
    • He accepted their silence tolerantly and moved in to stand beside Kaezik.
    • We're not accepting or tolerating homophobia, xenophobia, racism, any of that.
    • Many things that were not to be tolerated in a civilised society in 1968 are now accepted - if not always welcomed.
    More example sentences
    • Each individual job seeker approaches the job search in unique ways, so too will each one of you use your personal approach to accepting a job offer.
    • He was delighted when Edinburgh Council agreed to accept the nativity scene sculpture and to display it in such a prominent position.
    • For me, that moment was walking up the steps to the podium to accept the World Cup at home in Paris.
    More example sentences
    • Other American students who have not yet been accepted to college use a gap year specifically to build their resumes.
    • He's just going through the motions, like a high school senior who's already been accepted to college.
    • Katie Charing, currently on a gap year, has been accepted into Somerville College, Oxford to study English.
    More example sentences
    • For my part I would accept those propositions as broadly correct.
    • He accepts the proposition that he instinctively warms to people he perceives as battlers against the system.
    • Yet if we accept the proposition that we live in a global economy, we need to consider how we're going to make our voices heard.
  • 3 (tolerate) [situation/misfortune] aceptar to accept the inevitable aceptar lo inevitable, resignarse a lo inevitable

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