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Pronunciation: /əˈkɑːmədeɪt; əˈkɒmədeɪt/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (provide lodging for) [guests] alojar, hospedar 1.2 (have room for) tener* cabida para the restaurant can accommodate 20 tables el restaurante tiene cabida para unas 20 mesas 1.3 (contain, house) albergar*, contener* the library accommodates a fine collection of books la biblioteca alberga or contiene una excelente colección de libros
    More example sentences
    • Scattered across 180 acres of tranquil hills, valleys and brooks are cottages and rooms accommodating guests of all categories and tastes.
    • This room is at the heart of the property; a recessed area accommodates an oil-fired Rayburn range while there is a cut slate floor and work surface.
    • This area also accommodates a small guest toilet and the stairs to the first floor.
  • 2 (cater to) [wish] tener* en cuenta, complacer*; [need] tener* en cuenta, satisfacer* I will not change the date to accommodate him no voy a cambiar la fecha para su conveniencia our plan accommodates every eventuality nuestro plan contempla or cubre cualquier eventualidad
  • 3 (adapt) [formal] to accommodate sth to sth adaptar or acomodar algo a algo
    More example sentences
    • The new regime has no time for the tiresome (if unselfish) business of accommodating the wishes of other festivals.
    • It is difficult to accommodate the wishes of all in the community but we do try to get it right as far as we possibly can.
    • Because of Johnson's strong family ties, the Falcons have gone the extra mile in accommodating his wish to spend the majority of the offseason with his wife and two children.
    More example sentences
    • Empires generally expect neighboring states and dependencies to accept their power and accommodate to it.
    • Kissinger assumed a key role in state decision-making during the 1970s and attempted to take the USA in a realist direction of accommodating to its declining power by non-ideological calculations.
    • He noted, ‘Neighbourhoods flourish by accommodating to change, not by saying no to it.’

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