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Pronunciation: /ˈækʃən/

Translation of action in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable/no numerable 1.1 (practical measures) prompt action by the police saved several lives la rápida actuación de la policía salvó varias vidas action is needed now to … hay que tomar medidas or actuar inmediatamente para … we demand action! ¡exigimos que se haga algo! which course of action do you recommend? ¿qué medidas recomienda? he didn't rule out military action no descartó la intervención del ejército they took disciplinary action against her le aplicaron medidas disciplinarias, fue sancionada to take action tomar medidas, actuar* to take action against sb/sth tomar medidas contra algn/algo no further action will be taken no se tomará ninguna otra medida action! [Cinema/Cine] ¡acción! 1.2 (in phrases/en locuciones) in action en acción I'm back in action now [colloquial/familiar] ya estoy de nuevo al pie del cañón [colloquial/familiar] to go into action entrar en acción the government has swung into action against tax evasion el Gobierno se ha lanzado a combatir la evasión fiscal to put sth into action poner* algo en práctica out of action my car is out of action tengo el coche averiado or (in Latin America also/en América Latina también) descompuesto he'll be out of action for a few weeks va a estar fuera de circulación durante unas semanas [humorous/humorístico]
    Example sentences
    • I know that some have argued that we should take action to achieve a very much smaller population.
    • She said emissions to air, waste management and water eutrophication required urgent action.
    • Elections are the paramount means for influencing governmental action.
  • 2 countable/numerable 2.1 (deed) acto (masculine) their actions show them to be untrustworthy sus actos demuestran que no son dignos de confianza, la forma en que actúan demuestra que no son dignos de confianza my first action would be to call the police lo primero que haría sería llamar a la policía I won't be responsible for my actions if it happens again si vuelve a suceder, yo no respondo de mí actions speak louder than words obras son amores y no buenas razones, el movimiento se demuestra andando 2.2 [Physics/Física] acción (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • The wider issue is the question of the state's behaviour and whether its actions were responsible.
    • It's all well and good to perform these actions in response to the alarm clock if that's what happens every day.
    • The scene requires viewers to question the actions and reactions of characters in a highly complex situation.
  • 3 [Military/Militar] 3.1 uncountable/no numerable (combat) acción (feminine) (de guerra) to go into action entrar en acción or en combate killed/wounded in action muerto/herido en combate to see action combatir, luchar 3.2 countable/numerable (engagement) combate (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • A former soldier who was in the thick of the action during the War told how he had met his match - in York.
    • He saw early action in North Africa, where he was awarded a Military Cross and bar.
    • Most National Guard and Reservists sign up thinking they'll never see action, let alone deployment overseas.
  • 4 uncountable/no numerable 4.1 (plot) acción (feminine) the action takes place in Florence la acción se desarrolla en Florencia 4.2 (exciting activity) animación (feminine) they went downtown looking for some action [colloquial/familiar] fueron al centro en busca de animación or [colloquial/familiar] de la movida to get a piece o slice of the action [colloquial/familiar] sacar* tajada [colloquial/familiar]
    Example sentences
    • On some days it was difficult for visitors to know which way to look because there was just so much exciting wildlife action going on around them.
    • Things got off to a slow start but by mid afternoon there was non stop action.
    • At one level, the movie is about science fiction, kung fu, firearms and non-stop action.
    Example sentences
    • The action of the story divides between this rural backdrop and Helsinki, to which Eeva eventually flees.
    • Yes the story and action is horrific at times but Ray and Kathy put in such excellent performances.
    • Time. Used to define the limits of the story and around which action is organized.
  • 5 5.1 countable/numerable (movement) movimiento (masculine); (of a horse) marcha (feminine) 5.2 uncountable/no numerable (operation) funcionamiento (masculine) biological/chemical action acción (feminine) biológica/química
    Example sentences
    • In Africa there have been unilateral military actions by states to overthrow despotic governments in neighbouring states.
    • However, other soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines die in combat actions, too.
    • One was to engage in guerilla actions and wear the enemy down.
    5.3 uncountable/no numerable (of drug, chemical) action (on sth) acción (feminine) or efecto (masculine)(sobre algo)
    Example sentences
    • Syrup alone may act as a demulcent and provide antitussive action without side effects.
    • Problems included unspecified dosages, unclear information about drug action, and side effects of drugs.
    • When all the finish is removed, apply a neutralizer to stop the chemical action.
    Example sentences
    • The darkness of winter slows the city's heartbeat, making our every action or movement an effort.
    • His movements contradicted the others' actions, his steps were graceful and quiet like that of a doe.
    • No words, just clean efficient movement and actions.
  • 6 countable/numerable (mechanism) mecanismo (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • His actions are machined from pre heat-treated 4140 bar stock using all carbide tooling.
    • He moved the slide action back and forth, checking that the movement was smooth enough to meet his satisfaction.
    • Most bolt actions will fit the cartridge without bolt modification and bullets up to .35 caliber can be fitted into some variation of the case.
  • 7 countable/numerable [Law/Derecho] demanda (feminine) to bring an action against sb demandar a algn, ejercitar una acción contra algn
    Example sentences
    • Judicial Watch has filed 92 lawsuits and legal actions against government officials.
    • As with other questions in this chapter it also covers a number of the judicial actions in the Community legal order.
    • Would the law of New Zealand that takes away rights of common law actions for personal injuries and puts people on some kind of pension scheme apply?

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

Definition of action in:

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