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American English: /əˈɡrimənt/
British English: /əˈɡriːm(ə)nt/

Translation of agreement in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 uncountable (shared opinion) we need agreement on the matter
    tenemos que ponernos de acuerdo or que llegar a un acuerdo sobre el asunto
    to be in agreement (with somebody)
    estar de acuerdo (con alguien)
    she nodded in agreement to reach agreement
    llegar a un acuerdo
    Example sentences
    • I'm in agreement that the divorce rate is exceptionally high and mostly avoidable.
    • We're all thoroughly in agreement that these first-past-the-post elections are a bad thing.
    • The meeting was in agreement that action has to be taken to end the monopoly.
    1.2 countable (written arrangement) to come to or reach an agreement (with somebody)
    llegar a un acuerdo (con alguien)
    to have an agreement (with somebody)
    tener un acuerdo (con alguien)
    to enter into an agreement
    aceptar los términos de un acuerdo
    to sign an agreement
    firmar un acuerdo
    to break/honor an agreement
    romper/respetar un acuerdo
    agreement to + infinitivethere's an unspoken agreement between them not to apply for the same job
    existe un acuerdo tácito entre ellos de no solicitar el mismo trabajo
    the union will honor the agreement not to strike
    el sindicato respetará el compromiso de no recurrir a la huelga
    Example sentences
    • She contends that such agreements were final and binding on the parties.
    • In effect, they are hiring the union to act as agent in the negotiation of agreements.
    • He did not have to enter into the agreements for leases if he did not want to.
  • 2 uncountable (consent) to obtain somebody's agreement (to something)
    obtener el consentimiento de alguien (para algo)
  • 3 uncountable 3.1 (harmony, concord) to be in agreement (with something)
    concordar or estar en concordancia (con algo)
    3.2 (Linguistics)
    Example sentences
    • The chapter concludes with a discussion of agreement markers triggered by inflection classes.
    • There is some evidence that the possibility of dropping expletive subjects is linked to agreement.
    • Many current treatments of agreement assume that a noun phrase like "John" or "the book" has a single set of agreement (person, number, gender) features.
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