There are 2 translations of aim in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /eɪm/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1.1to aim sth (at sb/sth) he aimed the gun at her le apuntó con la pistola their missiles are aimed at the capital sus misiles apuntan a la capital she aimed a blow at his head intentó darle en la cabeza don't aim the camera into the sun no apuntes directamente al sol con la cámara 1.2 (usually passive/normalmente en voz pasiva)to be aimed at sb/sth/-ing she felt the insult was aimed specifically at her sintió que el insulto iba dirigido a ella en particular the talks were aimed at ending the strike las conversaciones tenían como objetivo acabar con la huelga the movie is aimed at a young audience la película está or va dirigida a un público joven

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1.1 (point weapon) apuntar to aim high/low apuntar alto/bajo to aim at sth/sb apuntar(le) a algo/algn to aim for sth apuntar(le) a algo 1.2 (aspire) aspirar to aim high/low aspirar a mucho/a pocoto aim for sth we must aim for total elimination of the disease nuestro objetivo debe ser la total erradicación de la enfermedad
    More example sentences
    • Because actually your intention includes whatever you aim at achieving.
    • The same might be said of slow-moving animation that aims at portentous but achieves boring.
    • Rather than choosing between an ensemble of key performance criteria, manufacturers should aim at achieving them all.
    1.3 (intend, plan) to aim to + infinitive/infinitivo querer* + infinitive/infinitivo, proponerse* + infinitive/infinitivo what we aim to do lo que queremos or nos proponemos hacer we aim to please nuestro objetivo es satisfacer a nuestros clientes we aim to get there by noon queremos or nos proponemos llegar antes del mediodía
    More example sentences
    • She turned to simply stand motionless, her wrist cannons locked on her target and Jack came around the corner to aim his weapon as well, then stopped suddenly.
    • Additionally, aiming is much more interactive, thanks to an over-the-shoulder camera angle which is activated every time you aim your weapon.
    • The high-tech helmet had a targeting lens mounted on it, so aiming a weapon of any sort was easier.


  • 1.1 countable/numerable (goal, object) objetivo (masculine), propósito (masculine) her main aim in life is to get rich su principal objetivo es enriquecerse she has no aim in life no tiene un norte or un objetivo en la vida with the aim of -ing con la intención or el propósito de + infinitive/infinitivo with the aim of learning the language con la intención or el propósito de aprender el idioma 1.2 uncountable/no numerable (with weapon) puntería (feminine) to take aim hacer* puntería, apuntar to take aim at sb/sth apuntarle a algn/algo to miss one's aim errar* el tiro he took careful aim and fired afinó la puntería or apuntó con cuidado y disparó to have a good/poor aim tener* buena/mala puntería

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