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all right

Translation of all right in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (good enough, unobjectionable) she's all right, but I can't stand her boyfriend ella no me cae mal, al que no aguanto es a su novio [colloquial/familiar] the weather was all right hizo buen tiempo the hotel looks all right el hotel no parece estar mal do I look all right in this dress? ¿estoy bien con este vestido? it's not very smart, but it's all right for work no es muy elegante, pero para ir a trabajar está bien you're all right: I like you! [colloquial/familiar] ¡me caes bien! [colloquial/familiar] he/she's a bit of all right (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar] está bueno/buena [colloquial/familiar]
    Example sentences
    • The picture quality is all right, though the image looks soft.
    • The dinner was all right, but it was a long trip to make.
    • I thought the show was all right.
    1.2 (acceptable, permissible) I'll pay you back tomorrow: is that all right? mañana te devuelvo el dinero ¿okey? or (Spain/España) ¿vale? would Monday be all right (for you)? ¿te viene bien el lunes? I'm sorry — that's all right lo siento — no tiene importancia I'll leave early today, if that's all right si no te importa, hoy me voy a ir temprano is it all right if I switch the TV on? ¿te importa si pongo la televisión? is it all right to smoke in here/to swim here? ¿se puede fumar/nadar aquí? it's all right for you to talk/laugh! ¡claro, tú bien puedes hablar/reírte! is this water all right to drink? ¿esta agua se puede beber?to be all right with oby sb we'll meet on Friday, if that's all right with everybody nos reuniremos el viernes, si nadie tiene ningún inconveniente I never want to see you again! — that's all right by me! ¡no te quiero volver a ver! — ¡por mí, encantada!
    Example sentences
    • If he is granted permission, many soldiers would think it all right to defy orders.
    • It is all right for the author to be undecided or out of the loop during a production, but here I was directing and had to make up my mind.
    • That would have been all right if other local authorities followed suit.
    1.3 (before noun/delante del nombre) [colloquial/familiar] (adequate) he's an all right guy es buena gente, es un buen tipo [colloquial/familiar] they sell all right clothes venden ropa mona [colloquial/familiar]
  • 2 2.1 (well) bien are you all right? ¿estás bien? I felt all right this morning esta mañana estaba or me sentía bien I'll be all right in a minute enseguida se me pasa all right? (as greeting) [colloquial/familiar] ¿qué tal? [colloquial/familiar] 2.2 (in order) bien the brakes are all right los frenos están bien is everything all right, Sir? ¿está todo a su gusto, señor? 2.3 (safe) will the bikes be all right here? ¿podemos dejar las bicis aquí? ¿no les pasará nada? you're all right: the ladder's secure no te preocupes, la escalera está firme it's all right, I'm not going to hurt you tranquilo, que no te voy a hacer daño 2.4 (content) are you all right in that chair? ¿estás bien en esa silla? to be all right for sth [colloquial/familiar] are you all right for cash? ¿qué tal andas de dinero? [colloquial/familiar], ¿te hace falta dinero? are they all right for blankets? ¿tienen suficientes mantas? jack1 4
    Example sentences
    • ‘I think mentally we've been all right and physically we've been magnificent in the last three games,’ he said.
    • Once we found out that he was physically all right and that measures would be taken, we were excited for his opportunity.
    • I really didn't want to wake him and he seemed all right physically.


  • 1.1 (satisfactorily) bien he did all right in his exams le fue bien en los exámenes we managed to find the place all right encontramos el sitio sin problemas 1.2 (without a doubt) [colloquial/familiar] it's serious all right es bien grave you'll be sorry all right ya verás cómo te arrepientes that's him all right, look at his walk seguro que es él, mira cómo camina


  • [colloquial/familiar] I won't be home till late, all right? volveré tarde ¿okey or (Spain/España) vale? [colloquial/familiar] can I come too? — all right ¿puedo ir yo también? — bueno all right, I'm ready; let's go! bueno, estoy listo, vámonos all right, so I was wrong bueno, de acuerdo, me equivoqué all right, all right, I'm coming! ¡ya voy! ¡ya voy! a new world record! all right! (American English/inglés norteamericano) ¡un nuevo récord mundial, sí señor!

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