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American English: /əˈlaʊ/
British English: /əˈlaʊ/

Translation of allow in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (permit) smoking is not allowed
    no se permite fumar
    no children/animals allowed
    no se admiten niños/animales
    to allow somebody to + infinitive
    permitirle a alguien + infinitive/que + subjunctive
    don't allow her to talk to you like that
    no le permitas que te hable así
    she wasn't allowed to see a lawyer
    no se le permitió ver a un abogado
    if you'll allow me to finish!
    ¿me permite terminar, por favor?
    I can't open it — allow me!
    no puedo abrirlo — permítame
    to allow oneself to + infinitiveI shouldn't have allowed myself to get angry
    me debería haber controlado
    he didn't allow himself to be upset by the news
    no dejó que la noticia lo afectara
    to allow somebody in/out
    dejar entrar/salir a alguien
    they were allowed out once a week
    se les permitía salir una vez por semana
    los dejaban salir una vez por semana
    you may not be allowed back
    puede que no te dejen volver a entrar
    I can't go, I'm not allowed
    no puedo ir, no me dejan
    Example sentences
    • Adam reckons I'm not allowed to eat in bed when I move in with him, but we'll see about that.
    • Because we are prepared to allow people to make their own decisions we cannot be sure just quite where those decisions will take them.
    • Faced with these figures, it beggars belief that the Government is prepared to allow people to drink around the clock.
    Example sentences
    • Legal powers agreed in 1990 allow officers to enter properties and turn off alarms if the owner fails to do so.
    • David has some interesting things to say about the game, and the morally dubious world it allows you to enter.
    • Thank you for allowing us to enter the throne room of God with our imperfections and doubts.
    1.2 (give, grant) they allow their daughter too much freedom
    le dan demasiada libertad a su hija
    they are allowed an hour for lunch
    les dan una hora para comer
    we allow a discount for cash
    ofrecemos descuento si se paga en efectivo
    he didn't finish within the time allowed
    no acabó dentro del plazo concedido
    I allow myself only two drinks a day
    solo me permito dos copas por día
    Example sentences
    • Further questioning revealed that the purpose was to allow flood water to escape more quickly.
    • The scarf's purpose is to allow the bobbin case hook to get close to the needle eye and catch the thread to form a stitch.
    • The cup of cream for six eggs is there for one purpose only: to allow the recipe to succeed.
  • 2 (plan for) you should allow (yourselves) a good two hours to reach the coast
    calculen or tengan en cuenta que les va a llevar por lo menos dos horas llegar a la costa
    please allow two weeks for delivery
    la entrega se hará dentro de un plazo de dos semanas
    I generally allow about £50 for spending money
    normalmente calculo unas 50 libras para gastos
    allow 6 cm for the hem
    deje 6 cms para el dobladillo
  • 3 3.1 (Law)
    allanarse a
    Example sentences
    • The Government has decided not to allow cultural events in the evenings in Lalbagh.
    • Swindon Council's planning committee will decide whether to allow the project to go ahead.
    • Earlier this month the Federal Justice Minister decided to allow the extradition process to begin.
    3.2 (Sport)
    dar por bueno
    3.3 (concede) [formal]to allow that
    reconocer que
    one has to allow that she has talent
    hay que reconocer que tiene talento
    Example sentences
    • He said that it might be possible to amend the Coroner's Act to allow for such a provision to be made.
    • In some cases the provision which allows for or requires the thing to be done also prescribes that it must be done personally and not by an agent.
    • Typically, there will be a provision in the rules allowing for their variation from time to time.
    Example sentences
    • The Federal Court has allowed that treatments are patentable.
    • I hesitated, but allowed that we'd do sort of a trial run for a few months.
    • He should have allowed that the British Empire was made out of empty spaces or, in India, collapsing states.

Phrasal verbs

allow for

verb + preposition + object
tener en cuenta
allowing for errors
teniendo en cuenta posibles errores
if you allow for her inexperience, she has done very well
si se tiene en cuenta su falta de experiencia, lo ha hecho muy bien
don't forget to allow for leakage
no te olvides de dejar un margen para pérdidas
buy a large one to allow for shrinkage
compra uno grande por si encoge

allow of

verb + preposition + object
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