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Pronunciation: /əˈlaʊ/


  • 1 1.1 (permit) permitir smoking is not allowed no se permite fumar no children/animals allowed no se admiten niños/animales to allow sb to + inf permitirle a algn + inf/que + subj don't allow her to talk to you like that no le permitas que te hable así she wasn't allowed to see a lawyer no se le permitió ver a un abogado if you'll allow me to finish! ¿me permite terminar, por favor? I can't open it — allow me! no puedo abrirlo — permítame to allow oneself to + inf I shouldn't have allowed myself to get angry me debería haber controlado he didn't allow himself to be upset by the news no dejó que la noticia lo afectara to allow sb in/out dejar entrar/salir a algn they were allowed out once a week se les permitía salir una vez por semana, los dejaban salir una vez por semana you may not be allowed back puede que no te dejen volver a entrar I can't go, I'm not allowed no puedo ir, no me dejan 1.2 (give, grant) dar* they allow their daughter too much freedom le dan demasiada libertad a su hija they are allowed an hour for lunch les dan una hora para comer we allow a discount for cash ofrecemos descuento si se paga en efectivo he didn't finish within the time allowed no acabó dentro del plazo concedido I allow myself only two drinks a day solo me permito dos copas por día
  • 2 (plan for) you should allow (yourselves) a good two hours to reach the coast calculen or tengan en cuenta que les va a llevar por lo menos dos horas llegar a la costa please allow two weeks for delivery la entrega se hará dentro de un plazo de dos semanas I generally allow about £50 for spending money normalmente calculo unas 50 libras para gastos allow 6 cm for the hem deje 6 cms para el dobladillo
  • 3 3.1 [Law] [claim] allanarse a, aceptar 3.2 [Sport] [referee] dar* por bueno 3.3 (concede) [formal] to allow that reconocer* que one has to allow that she has talent hay que reconocer que tiene talento

Phrasal verbs

allow for

v + prep + o
[contingency] tener* en cuenta allowing for errors teniendo en cuenta posibles errores if you allow for her inexperience, she has done very well si se tiene en cuenta su falta de experiencia, lo ha hecho muy bien don't forget to allow for leakage no te olvides de dejar un margen para pérdidas buy a large one to allow for shrinkage compra uno grande por si encoge

allow of

v + prep + o
[formal] admitir

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