Translation of amount in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /əˈmaʊnt/


  • 1.1 (quantity) cantidad (feminine) any amount of sth grandes cantidades de algo no amount of sth no amount of arguing will change their opinions por más que discutamos no van a cambiar de opinión I spent a huge amount of time on the project invertí muchísimo tiempo en el proyecto to increase/reduce the amount of current/heat subir/bajar la corriente/temperatura
    More example sentences
    • Well, if the universe is flat, this tells us something about the total amount of mass and energy in it.
    • The first period totalled up a paltry amount of three genuine opportunities.
    • If it is prolonged and performance is affected, this will affect the total amount of coverage we get.
    1.2 (sum of money) cantidad (f), suma (f) add the two amounts together sume las dos cantidades the full o total amount was over $10,000 el (importe) total ascendía a más de $10.000
    More example sentences
    • The government had set aside significant amounts of money to rebuild the city, but inflation meant that this was still not enough.
    • Drivers contribute huge amounts of money to the government through road tax, tax on car sales, and we all know about fuel duty.
    • In recent elections soft money has become a way for wealthy individuals to contribute large amounts of money to the political parties.

Phrasal verbs

amount to

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
1.1 (add up to) [bill/debt/assets] ascender* a our debts amount to over $1 million nuestras deudas ascienden a más de 1 millón de dólares my savings amount to very little mis ahorros son muy modestos not to amount to anything/much she'll never amount to anything nunca llegará a nada what he said didn't amount to much no dijo gran cosa 1.2 (be equivalent to) it amounts to stealing viene a ser lo mismo que robar, equivale a robar it all amounts to the same thing viene a ser lo mismo her silence amounted to an admission of guilt su silencio era prácticamente una admisión de culpabilidad what it amounts to is that we have to … lo que significa or quiere decir es que tendremos que … he doesn't love her, that's what it amounts to no la quiere, eso es lo que pasa

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