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American English: /ˈænsər/
British English: /ˈɑːnsə/

Translation of answer in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (reply) what was their answer?
    ¿qué respondieron or contestaron?
    ¿cuál fue su respuesta or contestación?
    there's no answer (to doorbell, phone)
    no contestan
    answer to something
    (to question/letter/accusation)
    respuesta a algo
    in answer to your letter
    en relación con or con relación a su carta
    in answer to your question
    para contestar tu pregunta
    en repuesta a tu pregunta
    I can't get an answer out of him
    no consigo que me dé una respuesta or contestación
    by way of (an) answer
    como toda or por toda respuesta
    he's got an answer for everything!
    ¡tiene una respuesta para todo!
    the answer to a maiden's prayer [humorous]
    un príncipe azul
    to be the answer to somebody's prayers
    llegar como caído del cielo
    to know all the answers [colloquial]
    saberlo todo
    you think you know all the answers, don't you?
    ¿tú qué te crees? ¿que lo sabes todo?
    1.2 (response)answer (to something)her answer to his rudeness was to ignore it
    respondió a su grosería ignorándola
    Britain's answer to Elvis Presley
    el Elvis Presley británico
    Example sentences
    • How can these people give anything but the expected answers in such situations?
    • The short answer is that this situation really has nothing to do with you.
    • He was unprepared and without an answer, and the situation suddenly seemed awkward.
    1.3 (plea) (Law)
  • 2 2.1 (in exam, test, quiz) the answer is 210
    la respuesta or solución es 210
    2.2 (solution) violence is not the answer
    la violencia no es la solución
    there's only one answer: we'll have to sell the car
    solo tenemos una solución: vender el coche
    answer to something
    solución (feminine) de algo
    the answer to all their problems
    la solución de todos sus problemas
    Example sentences
    • The smallpox dilemma has no simple answers, and making the correct decision may, literally, be a matter of life and death.
    • I wish I could conclude this column with a conclusion, but there are no easy answers or solutions.
    • There are no miracle solutions, no magical answers, no easy everybody-wins way out.
    Example sentences
    • Just answer the following question and write your answer on a postcard.
    • She wrote ridiculous answers on a history test so she would get an F.
    • Dyslexic people get more time, as they find it more difficult to read the question and write the answer.
    Example sentences
    • I loved the extra cross references, summaries, and test questions complete with the correct answers.
    • This test gives you the correct answers after each question and teaches the tricks for answering smarter on the next test!
    • Players are then tasked to pick the correct answer from a list of four potential solutions.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (reply to)
    answer your father when he's speaking to you!
    ¡contéstale a tu padre cuando te habla!
    we must answer their letter
    tenemos que contestar (a) su carta
    I can't answer your question
    no puedo contestar (a) su pregunta
    if they ask me where you are, what shall I answer?
    si me preguntan dónde estás, ¿qué contesto?
    because it's too far, she answered
    —porque está muy lejos —contestó or respondió
    1.2 will you answer the door?
    ¿vas tú (a abrir)?
    Example sentences
    • Over the two weeks, she will answer knocks to her door and allow people to handle the relic and pray in her house.
    • I knocked and knocked, and nobody answered the door.
    • He rang the bell, waiting only seconds before the housekeeper answered the door.
    responder a
    Example sentences
    • He was hauled before the Board of Control to answer charges over his behaviour.
    • A warrant for his arrest was issued yesterday after he failed to attend court on Friday to answer a new charge of shoplifting.
    • He was found to be unfit to answer charges because he was suffering from a brain-wasting disease.
    Example sentences
    • When nobody answered, he wrote on the board ‘unfair treatment’.
    • ‘Well, Jason, it seems as if Miss Anders was one of the apartment owners,’ he answered, writing my name down on the pad of paper.
    • That was a bit funny, and it was interesting to see people's reactions when she answered all the questions that were being thrown at her.
    Example sentences
    • As well as being a fascinating read, it is also a fantastic source of general knowledge and a great help in answering quiz questions and solving crossword puzzles.
    • Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly.
    • I got exempted from a quiz just for answering a question and then in math, we were going to have a chapter test, but the teacher told us that she thought we were all ready to move on.
  • 2 2.1
    their prayers were answered
    el cielo escuchó sus plegarias
    2.2 (fit) See examples: to answer (to) a description
    responder a una descripción
    he saw a woman answering (to) that description
    vio a una mujer que respondía a esa descripción
    2.3 (Nautical)to answer the helm
    obedecer al timón
    Example sentences
    • Freight transport by inland waterways is particularly suitable to answer Russia's needs.
    • It answers their need for an excuse to go straight, while not at the same time surrendering to the morality of a society they believe has wronged them deeply.
    • Literary translation, especially of the great works of the past, never answers a pressing need, nor is it a competitive activity.

intransitive verb

  • I wrote and they answered almost immediately
    escribí y me contestaron casi inmediatamente
    I phoned but no one answered
    llamé por teléfono pero no contestaron
    if the doorbell rings, don't answer
    si tocan el timbre, no contestes/abras

Phrasal verbs

answer back

1verb + adverb 1.1 (rudely)
don't answer back!
¡no contestes!
1.2 (defend oneself)
responder a las acusaciones ( or a sus críticos etc)
2verb + object + adverbher son answered her back
su hijo le contestó mal or de mala manera

answer for

verb + preposition + object
1.1 (accept responsibility for)
responder de
he'll have to answer for what he did
va a tener que responder de or dar cuentas de lo que hizo
his parents have a lot to answer for
sus padres tienen mucha culpa
1.2 (guarantee)
responder de
responder por
I'll answer for him
yo respondo por él
1.3 (reply on behalf of)
responder or contestar por
I can't answer for everyone, but …
no puedo responder or contestar por todo el mundo, pero …
let him answer for himself
deja que conteste él mismo

answer to

verb + preposition + object
1.1 (be accountable) See examples:to answer to somebody (for something)
responder ante alguien (de algo)
1.2 (dog/cat)it answers to the name of Bob
responde al nombre de Bob
1.3answer 2 2 2 1.4 (obey, respond to)
responder a

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