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American English: /əˈpɑrt/
British English: /əˈpɑːt/

Translation of apart in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (separated) they have lived apart for some years
    hace ya algunos años que viven separados
    keep them apart
    manténgalos separados
    why does she always sit apart?
    ¿por qué se sienta siempre sola?
    her intelligence set her apart
    se destacaba por su inteligencia
    a thing/woman apart
    una cosa/mujer distinta or especial
    see alsotell apart
    Example sentences
    • Asking for things you know your partner won't want to do is likely to make you feel further apart, not closer together.
    • Intimacy then becomes cold and degrading, leading the couple farther apart, not closer together.
    • The Germans found, however, that living apart slows the decline in female libido, confirming the maxim ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.
    1.2 (into pieces) the building was blown apart
    el edificio voló en mil pedazos
    the girl pulled the doll apart
    la niña desarmó la muñeca
    see alsocome apart fall apart take apart etc
    Example sentences
    • I was going to take her words apart piece by piece.
    • And then you start tearing it apart in bits and pieces and start writing notes to yourself, remember in scene so and so you're going to do so and so, so set it up now.
    • The blast, which occurred at around 11.40 am, ripped apart piece of the pavement, throwing concrete and other debris on the roadway.
  • 2 (distant) the two capitals are hundreds of miles apart
    las dos capitales se encuentran a cientos de millas (de distancia) una de otra
    in places as far apart as Tokyo and Paris
    en lugares tan alejados el uno del otro como Tokio y París
    when it comes to politics, he and I are miles apart
    en lo que se refiere a política, estamos a años luz el uno del otro
    the first and second interviews are weeks apart
    hay varias semanas entre la primera y la segunda entrevista
    Example sentences
    • Lie on your back, legs straight, and extend your arms overhead, stretching your hands and feet as far apart as possible.
    • She stayed in one place, her feet about as far apart as her shoulders, and really only her legs moved.
    • The passing of our friend Schwartz is being noted in venues as far apart as The Independent and The Cleveland Plain Dealer.
  • 3 (excluded) (after noun) these faults apart, it is a very good piece of work
    aparte de or fuera de estos defectos, es un trabajo muy bueno
    joking apart, he is an excellent swimmer
    fuera de bromas or hablando en serio, nada muy bien
    Example sentences
    • Financial considerations apart, was he worth all that palaver?
    • Though joking apart and with an eye on why we admire the Austin Ambassador so damn much, that crude range of engines were all service friendly and able to hit a hundred thousand miles with the right amount of care.
    • Jokes apart, she's also been a convincing character actress.
  • 4apart from (as preposition) 4.1 (except for) I liked them all apart from the yellow one
    todas me gustaron excepto or menos la amarilla
    apart from him we're all satisfied
    aparte de él or exceptuándolo a él, todos estamos satisfechos
    4.2 (discounting) quite apart from the time it would take, I can't afford it
    aparte or independientemente del tiempo que me tomaría, no puedo permitírmelo
    4.3 (separated from) why does she always sit apart from the rest of the group?
    ¿por qué se sienta siempre apartada del resto del grupo?
    Example sentences
    • I'm still wondering about the man in the plumed turban standing apart and detached watching sailors and vendors at work.
    • A cynic would say that this writer who claimed to stand alone and apart was actually quite prepared to lose himself in the herd.
    • The question that can be asked is: can a certain percentage of replenishable groundwater be considered to be set apart for agriculture?
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