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American English: /əˈproʊtʃ/
British English: /əˈprəʊtʃ/

Translation of approach in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • (person/vehicle)
    the time is fast approaching when …
    se acerca rápidamente el momento en que …
    Example sentences
    • In the distance could be heard approaching sirens.
    • I yelled, all of a sudden feeling frantic as I heard the train approaching the platform above me.
    • He could see, very faintly, a legion of soldiers in the distance, also approaching the forest.
    Example sentences
    • The Mitta Mitta rose to the occasion with a river level of 1.7m, approaching the 2m cut-off mark when nobody is permitted to kayak or raft the river.
    • Second generation bean leaf beetles are emerging now and beetles numbers will be approaching their highest levels for the summer.
    • It also will be impossible for the two teams to approach the Bucs' level of effectiveness.

transitive verb

  • 1 (draw near to)
    aproximarse a
    acercarse a
    he was approaching 50
    se acercaba a los 50
    tenía casi 50 años
    their sales will never approach ours
    sus ventas nunca alcanzarán el nivel de las nuestras ni mucho menos
    something approaching half a kilo
    alrededor de medio kilo
    casi medio kilo
  • 2 (talk to) have you approached her about it?
    ¿ya se lo ha planteado?
    ¿ya ha hablado con ella del asunto?
    he approached me for a loan/reference
    se dirigió a mí para pedirme un préstamo/una recomendación
    several companies approached us
    varias compañías se pusieron en contacto con nosotros
    she was approached by a man in the street
    un hombre la abordó en la calle
    she approached me with an idea for a play
    me abordó para hablarme de una idea que tenía para una obra de teatro
    to be easy/difficult to approach
    ser/no ser muy accesible
  • 3 (tackle, deal with)
    approach your subject with an open mind
    aborda el tema sin ideas preconcebidas
    Example sentences
    • One of your arguments is that a relevant matter in approaching our constitutional problem is that the respondent is resident in South Australia.
    • We cannot have a situation in which 43 different police forces approach the same problem in 43 different ways.
    • In order not to be consumed by it, I have to approach difficult problems with a healthy detachment.


  • 1 countable (method, outlook) approach to somethinghe's adopted a new approach to his teaching
    les ha dado un nuevo enfoque a sus métodos pedagógicos
    let's try a different approach to the problem
    enfoquemos el problema de otra manera
    my approach has been to appoint young people
    mi política ha sido emplear a gente joven
    Example sentences
    • It equates belief systems with what informs your approach to a situation, and evaluates the system by the results.
    • You are diplomatic and cautious in your approach to sticky situations.
    • A major plus would be his measured approach to situations, giving due weight to consequences.
  • 2 countable (overture)
    (offering something) propuesta (feminine)
    to make approaches or an approach to somebody
    hacerle una propuesta ( or una solicitud etc. ) a alguien
    I've had an approach from a publisher
    he recibido una propuesta de una editorial
    we have received several approaches for help
    hemos recibido varias peticiones or pedidos de ayuda
    Example sentences
    • She said a survey had been carried out in Tosside following an approach from a planning agent on behalf of a local landowner.
    • It has already indicated that it has received an approach from a mystery bidder now known to be a private equity group.
    • The company is braced for an approach from its German rival with a plan that will see them merge their core operations.
  • 3 uncountable (drawing near) he looked up at my approach
    levantó la vista cuando me acerqué
    he announced the troops' approach
    anunció que las tropas se estaban acercando or aproximando
    at the approach of winter
    al acercarse el invierno
    the pilot made his approach
    el piloto efectuó las maniobras de aproximación
    (before noun) (lights/speed) (Aviation)
    de aproximación
    Example sentences
    • The approach and landing were uneventful and the crew and aircraft were recovered safely.
    • He set up for a half-flap approach and lowered the landing gear with the emergency system.
    • Keep the ball in the middle in all phases of the approach to align the aircraft for maximum efficiency.
  • 4 countable (means of entering) all approaches to the city were blocked
    todos los accesos a la ciudad estaban bloqueados
    the approach to the harbor is very narrow
    la entrada al puerto es muy estrecha
    Example sentences
    • Three new pedestrian islands will be built and an anti-skid coating applied in Brunshaw Road on the approaches to the roundabout.
    • The war caused the temporary suspension of this plan; nevertheless, a sum of £6,600 was spent on concreting the quay roads and approaches to the berths.
    • The minehunters had been in the area clearing unexploded weapons, including mines, from the approaches to the port.
  • 5 countable (approximation)approach to something
    aproximación (feminine) a algo
  • 6 countable (golf) approach (shot)
    golpe (masculine) de aproximación
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