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Pronunciation: /ˈeɪprən/


  • 1.1 [Clothing/Indumentaria] (for domestic use) delantal (m), mandil (m) (Spain/España) ; (workman's, mason's) mandil (masculine) string1
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    • Wear gloves, aprons, and other protective clothing to keep your skin from coming in contact with oils, greases, and chemicals.
    • Mother was waiting inside, and was standing in her old clothes with her apron tied in front.
    • Sighing, I reached in the front pocket of my apron for my note pad and proceeded to the elderly couple.
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    • In the case of a Freemason, there would also be various other objects - particularly the apron.
    • The first day of the convention was Friday, and I went along to the Dallas Brooks Centre, which amusingly, being a Masonic centre, had lots of pictures of blokes in aprons around the place.
    • The initiate returns wearing his apron.
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    • If you remain in the room during the X-ray exposure, you're typically given a lead apron to wear to shield you from unnecessary exposure.
    • If so, you may be asked to wear a lead apron to shield you from exposure to X-rays.
    • Lead shields or aprons should be available for staff members in the event an intraoperative x-ray is needed.
    1.2 [Aviation/Aviación] pista (feminine) de estacionamiento
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    • According to CAF, the Museum precinct will essentially encompass the buildings, hangars and aprons on the airfield side of Williams Road.
    • Evening sun is glowing across the aircraft on the apron as incredibly dark clouds loom over distant Amsterdam city centre.
    • The Jet Centre will include passenger and crew lounges, immigration and Customs facilities and an adjoining business aircraft apron.
    1.3 [Theater/Teatro] proscenio (masculine)
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    • He has filled the empty apron stage with a magical, glittering and visually delightful scenes and tableaux to follow the fall from grace of the Master and his lover.
    • An apron stage, simple settings, an authentic text, and swift continuity of action were new to critics and public, and not until a similar production of the play in 1914 did he meet with any general acclaim.
    • It was the closest work in the program to classical exposition, danced in front of the curtain on the apron, where bends are not really contortions and twists owe something to Yoga.

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