Translation of argue in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈɑːrgjuː; ˈɑːgjuː/


  • 1 (disagree, quarrel) discutir; (more heatedly) pelear(se), reñir* (especially Spain/especialmente España) they're always arguing siempre están discutiendo ( or peleándose etc) don't argue and do as I say! ¡no (me) discutas y haz lo que te digo! to argue about/over sth discutir or pelear por algo it's not worth arguing over a few cents no vale la pena discutir por unos pocos centavos we always argue about o over whose turn it is to cook dinner siempre discutimos or peleamos sobre a quién le toca hacer la cena they're arguing over the bicycle again se están peleando por la bicicleta otra vez to argue with sb discutir ( or pelearse etc) con algn I don't want to argue with you no quiero discutir con usted don't argue with me! ¡no me discutas! to argue with sth [with decision/belief] disputar algo you can't argue with a loaded gun cuando hay armas de por medio, no se discute $10,000 tax-free? you can't argue with that! ¿10.000 dólares libres de impuestos? ¡no es como para quejarse!
    More example sentences
    • Few in this country would argue with the view that the regime is unacceptable.
    • The locals were incensed and came out of their homes to argue with the soldiers.
    • Of that Borg is certain, and who would argue with one who dominated Wimbledon like no other?
  • 2 (reason) she argues convincingly sabe expresar su punto de vista de manera muy convincenteto argue for/against sth she argued for his reinstatement abogó por que fuera restituido a su cargo the author argues against changing the law el autor da razones en contra de que se cambie la ley her experience argues in her favor su experiencia es un factor a su favor it argues well for him that his colleagues were so loyal la lealtad de sus colegas dice mucho de él or dice mucho en su favor


  • 1 1.1 (put forward) [proposition/case] exponer*, presentar a well argued point un argumento bien expuesto or presentado 1.2 (adduce) alegar*; (present as argument) argüir*, argumentar, sostener* the lawyer argued provocation el abogado alegó provocación supporters of the bill argue that … los partidarios del proyecto arguyen or argumentan or sostienen que … 1.3 (debate) [issue] discutir, debatir
    More example sentences
    • Some people argue that libertarianism is not a theory of equality or mutual advantage.
    • Supporters argue that wind farms are a small price to pay for saving the planet.
    • Some argue that boxing has a lower death rate per year from acute injury than other sports.
  • 2 (indicate) [formal] apuntar hacia, sugerir* these figures argue a worsening of the situation estas cifras apuntan hacia or sugieren un empeoramiento de la situación

Phrasal verbs

argue out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento
discutir you'll have to argue the details out with her vas a tener que discutir los detalles con ella (hasta llegar a un acuerdo)

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