There are 2 translations of arm in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ɑːrm; ɑːm/


  • 1 [Anat] brazo (m) to give/offer sb one's arm darle*/ofrecerle* el brazo a algn to take sb's arm tomar or (esp Esp) coger* a algn del or por el brazo they walked along arm in arm iban del brazo he walked in with his new bride on his arm entró con su flamante esposa del brazo he had a newspaper under his arm traía un periódico bajo el or debajo del brazo to put one's arms around sb abrazar* a algn to throw one's arms around sb echarle los brazos al cuello a algn she threw her arms around his neck le echó los brazos al cuello they walked with their arms around each other iban abrazados within arm's reach al alcance de la mano in the arms of another man en brazos de otro hombre he fell into her arms se echó en sus brazos they flew into each other's arms corrieron a abrazarse the measure threw his supporters into the arms of the opposition la medida hizo que los que lo apoyaban se volcaran a la oposición as long as your o my arm [colloquial/familiar] más largo que un día sin pan [familiar/colloquial], kilométrico [familiar/colloquial], largo como esperanza de pobre (RPl) [familiar/colloquial] the long arm of the law el brazo de la ley to chance one's arm probar* suerte to cost an arm and a leg [colloquial/familiar] costar* un ojo de la cara or un riñón [familiar/colloquial] to keep sb at arm's length guardar las distancias con algn to put the arm on sb (AmE) [colloquial/familiar] he put the arm on me for more money me presionó para que le diera más dinero my suppliers are putting the arm on me los proveedores me están apretando para que les pague to twist sb's arm you'll have to twist his arm to get him to donate vas a tener que presionarlo or (Chi) doblarle la mano para que contribuya have another one — ok, if you twist my arm [humorístico/humorous] anda, tómate otro — bueno, si te empeñas or ya que insistes to welcome sb with open arms recibir a algn con (los) brazos abiertos tie2 1 1 2
  • 3 (of organization) sección (f); [Pol] brazo (m) an arm of government un brazo del poder or del gobierno military/political arm brazo (m) armado/político infantry/air arm [Mil] arma (f‡) de infantería/aviación
  • 4
    (arms pl)
    4.1 (weapons) armas (fpl) a call to arms un llamamiento a las armas to take up arms (against sb/sth) tomar las armas or alzarse* en armas or levantarse en armas (contra algn/algo) to lay down one's arms deponer* las armas the number of men under arms el número de hombres en las fuerzas armadas to be up in arms (about o over sth) the locals are up in arms about the plan los lugareños están furiosos con el plan if the law is passed, it will have the entire medical profession up in arms si se aprueba la ley, los médicos van a poner el grito en el cielo 4.2 (heraldry) armas (fpl)

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There are 2 translations of arm in Spanish:



  • armar to arm sb with sth [with weapons] armar a algn de or con algo [with tools/information] proveer* a algn de algo to arm oneself armarse they armed themselves with clubs and knives se armaron de or con porras y cuchillos see also armed
    More example sentences
    • Derek, Richard and Wade didn't even have to have me tell them to start going to their rooms and begin arming themselves with body armour and other weapons.
    • Nor was it in dispute that he had armed himself with a CS gas canister before going out.
    • The complainant during the trial said that he had not armed himself with the knife and that the knife had been in the kitchen drawer.
    More example sentences
    • On a typical Holi day, preparations begin by arming oneself with shades of brightly colored powder and water guns.
    • He claimed that we'd all be a lot safer if researchers would keep details about vulnerabilities to themselves, and stop arming hackers with offensive tools.
    • If I really want some chips, I pick up a single-size serving, and I steer clear of the vending machine, arming myself by preparing fruits and vegetables as snacks.


Definition of arm in: