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Pronunciation: /əˈraʊnd/

Translation of around in Spanish:


around often appears as the second element of certain verb structures in English ( fool around, knock around, move around, etc). For translations, see the relevant verb entry ( fool, knock, move, etc).

  • 1 1.1 (in a circle) around and around they drove estuvieron dando vueltas y vueltas con el coche 1.2 (so as to face in different direction) she glanced around echó un vistazo a su alrededor see also look around turn around etc 1.3 (on all sides) all around are towering skyscrapers todo alrededor hay rascacielos altísimos there's nothing for miles around no hay nada en millas a la redonda everyone crowded around todo el mundo se apiñó alrededor
    Example sentences
    • Victoria Mill chimney in Skipton is a landmark easily visible for miles around.
    • It would affect residents the whole length of its route and would be visible for miles around.
    • First, Debenhams have the last say in which shops are situated around them.
    1.4 (in circumference) de circunferencia it is 12m around tiene 12m de circunferencia
  • 2 2.1 (in the vicinity) is John around? ¿anda or está John por ahí? there's no one around aquí no hay nadie he's around somewhere, he's somewhere around anda por ahí I'm usually around after eight suelo estar a partir de las ocho (I'll) see you around! [colloquial/familiar] ¡nos vemos! 2.2 (in existence) [colloquial/familiar] computers weren't around in those days en aquellos tiempos no había computadoras she's the only person around who really understands es la única persona que entiende de verdad the idea had been around for quite a while la idea no era nueva in 40 years none of us will be around dentro de 40 años vamos a estar todos bajo tierra it's the best one around es lo mejor que hay (en plaza)
    Example sentences
    • There are old people's flats around and they feel threatened with the rowdy behavior of these kids.
    • They know they are not going to be around when Livingstone takes over the tube.
    • It's been tough for Dav, tough for the board and tough for everyone around.
  • 3 3.1 (from one place, person to another) the dog followed us around el perro nos seguía a todas partes she showed us around nos mostró or enseñó la casa ( or la fábrica etc) he knows his way around conoce la ciudad ( or la zona etc) she offered the chocolates around le ofreció bombones a todo el mundo there's a rumor going around corre un rumor I phoned around hice unas cuantas llamadas, llamé a varios sitios he's been around [colloquial/familiar] tiene mucho mundo 3.2 (to and fro) she was rolling around on the floor se revolcaba por el suelo she was waving a knife around blandía un cuchillo he prefers to travel around on his own prefiere viajar solo she rummaged around in her bag revolvió en el bolso
    Example sentences
    • Today's Question: Which Celebrity would you most like to drive around for an hour with?
    • So hanging out was good, we talked about something else and drove around and had all in all a nice time.
    • I have now been driving this Kia around for about five days and have discovered that it goes like the clappers.
    Example sentences
    • Being able to wander around aimlessly is the best way to see things that you'd normally never see, new bands.
    • I wandered aimlessly around thinking about the play and failing to find a wireless hotspot.
    • Sailors in bleached white uniforms wander around trying to convince themselves they are having fun.
  • 4 (at, to different place) I'll be around at Angela's estaré en casa de Angela she sent me around to the bank me mandó al banco we had some friends around for a meal invitamos a unos amigos a comer
  • 5 (approximately) más o menos, aproximadamente she's around my age tiene más o menos mi edad he must be around 35 debe (de) tener unos 35, debe (de) andar por los 35 at around five thirty alrededor de or a eso de las cinco y media, sobre las cinco y media (Spain/España) around two million people unos dos millones de personas she was born around 1660 nació alrededor de 1660 around the turn of the century hacia finales de siglo they flower around mid-June florecen hacia mediados de junio
    Example sentences
    • You can be in your hotel room within around five hours of leaving Bolton, if you fly.
    • The journey is around 200 miles, and they will arrive in a couple of days in his hired carriage.
    • It was a long drive to our next stop - around 160 miles to the east on the coast at Torrent.


  • 1 (encircling) alrededor de they sat around the fire estaban sentados alrededor del fuego he put his arm around her la rodeó con el brazo they sailed around the world dieron la vuelta al mundo en un velero she looked around her miró a su alrededor the myths that have grown up around these events los mitos que han surgido en torno a estos acontecimientos
  • 2 2.1 (in the vicinity of) alrededor de places to visit around Madrid lugares para visitar alrededor de Madrid do you live around here? ¿vives por or cerca de aquí? 2.2 (within, through) I had things to do around the house tenía cosas que hacer en casa they traveled around Europe viajaron por Europa she took them around the house les mostró or enseñó la casa

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