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American English: /əˈreɪndʒmənt/
British English: /əˈreɪn(d)ʒm(ə)nt/

Translation of arrangement in Spanish:


  • 1 countable and uncountable (of furniture) a flower arrangement
    un arreglo floral
    Example sentences
    • The books of the OT and NT have reached their present number and arrangement by a process of adjustment and elimination over centuries.
    • If the Government wish to convince the Muslim community about the need to pay higher Haj charter fare, the process of charter arrangement must become transparent.
    • The shape of neurons varies with the number and arrangement of their processes.
  • 2 2.1 countable (agreement) what's the arrangement for tomorrow?
    ¿cómo hemos/se ha quedado para mañana?
    ¿cuál es el plan para mañana?
    it seemed the most sensible arrangement
    parecía el mejor arreglo or la mejor solución
    the arrangement is that she'll pick us up at seven
    hemos/he quedado en que nos pasará a recoger a las siete
    we made an arrangement to meet the next day
    quedamos en encontrarnos al día siguiente
    I have an arrangement with the bank
    tengo un acuerdo or arreglo con el banco
    he came to an arrangement with his creditors
    llegó a un acuerdo con sus acreedores
    group visits by arrangement
    se ruega concertar de antemano las visitas en grupo
    salary by arrangement (British)
    2.2 uncountable (fixing, agreeing) he helped us with the arrangement of accommodation
    nos ayudó a conseguir alojamiento
  • 3
    also: arrangements plural
    planes (masculine plural)
    the weather spoiled our arrangements
    el tiempo nos estropeó los planes
    tell me how many are coming and I'll look after all the arrangements
    dime cuántos vienen y yo me encargaré de todo or haré todos los preparativos
    what are the travel/sleeping arrangements?
    ¿cómo vamos ( or van etc. ) a viajar/dormir?
    I had to see to the seating arrangements
    tuve que encargarme de disponer cómo se iban a sentar
    arrangements for the transfer of funds should be made two weeks in advance
    la transferencia de fondos debe solicitarse con dos semanas de anticipación
    he made the arrangements for the funeral himself
    él mismo se encargó de los preparativos para el funeral
    she made arrangements for her mail to be sent on
    dispuso que le reexpidieran la correspondencia
    I can't come, I've already made other arrangements
    no puedo venir, ya tengo otro compromiso
    Example sentences
    • This year the scramble in Claremorris will be on the first Saturday in July and John has already made preliminary arrangements for the event.
    • He must then suggest future arrangements for European cooperation.
    • Could we request the university authorities to make better arrangements for holding these events in future, so that all students can exercise their right to associate and speak freely?
  • 4 countable (Music)
    Example sentences
    • A body of such works as instrumental duets and arrangements of theatrical tunes for small ensembles was tailored to amateur musicians of limited abilities.
    • He therefore embarked on a series of arrangements for String Orchestra in an attempt to present the String Quartet medium to a wider audience.
    • He has published numerous supplementary books for college group instruction, as well as duet and duo piano arrangements for young students.
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