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American English: /æz/
, /əz/
British English: /az/
, /əz/

Translation of as in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (when, while) I saw the car as it turned the corner
    vi el coche cuando daba vuelta (a) la esquina
    as she was eating breakfast, the telephone rang
    cuando or mientras tomaba el desayuno, sonó el teléfono
    as you go toward the bank, it's the first house on the left
    yendo hacia el banco, es la primera casa a mano izquierda
    as I sit here, I wonder what went wrong
    sentado aquí, me pregunto qué fue lo que pasó
    Example sentences
    • She watched him as he approached her.
    • I grabbed the keys to the store as I left.
    • The ice continued to melt, but as it did so, I continued to slip deeper into the unknown.
    1.2 (indicating progression) we buy the materials as (and when) we need them
    compramos los materiales a medida que or según los vamos necesitando
    he mellowed as he grew older
    se fue ablandando con los años
  • 2 (because, since) as it was getting late, we decided to leave
    como se hacía tarde, decidimos irnos
    Example sentences
    • There are concerns for her as she was ill before she vanished.
    • Athlone requested the game be played before Christmas instead of January 8 as students will be on holiday.
    • Children's charities would like more help distributed through child benefit, as it is paid to all children through their mother.
  • 3 (though) try as he might, he could not open it
    por más que trató, no pudo abrirlo
    (as) tall as she is, she still had to stand on a chair to reach it
    alta como es, se tuvo que subir a una silla para alcanzarlo
    (as) strange as it may seem
    por extraño que parezca
    aunque parezca extraño
    much as I agree with you, I cannot allow it
    aun estando de acuerdo contigo como estoy, no lo puedo permitir
  • 4 4.1 (expressing comparison, contrast) he writes with his left hand, as I do
    escribe con la mano izquierda, como yo or igual que yo
    she sang wonderfully, as only she can
    cantó maravillosamente, como solo ella sabe hacerlo
    in the 1980s, as in the 30s
    en la década de los 80, al igual que en la de los 30
    Example sentences
    • Try as she might, she can't keep her troubled family from fragmenting.
    • But, good as he is, he was not the only reason to enjoy the film.
    • Unless you are of a particularly curious bent, you would not even wish to sit down and eat with these people - dazzlingly clever as they undoubtedly are.
    4.2 (in generalizations) as is often the case
    como suele suceder
    it's quite reasonable, as restaurants go
    para como están los restaurantes, es bastante razonable
    4.3 (in accordance with) as I was saying
    como iba diciendo
    the situation, as we understand it, is …
    la situación, tal como nosotros la entendemos, es …
    as you'll agree, the system is inefficient
    estarás de acuerdo conmigo en que el sistema es ineficiente
    Example sentences
    • I'm used to all kinds of hard work, as you know, and I'm not afraid.
    • However, as I mentioned earlier, most people are totally unaware of the East Village Arts District.
    • Lee was a night-time security guard as I recall, not a cop.
  • 5 5.1 (in the way that) I love her as I would my own daughter A is to B as X is to Y
    A es a B como X es a Y
    do as you wish
    haz lo que te parezca
    haz lo que te dé la gana [colloquial]
    do as I say
    haz lo que te digo
    she sang as never before
    cantó como nunca
    she arrived the next day, as planned/expected
    llegó al día siguiente como se había planeado/como se esperaba
    they proceeded as instructed
    procedieron de acuerdo a las instrucciones recibidas
    use form A or B as appropriate
    use el formulario A o B, según corresponda
    as things stand
    tal (y) como están las cosas
    knowing him as I do
    conociéndolo como lo conozco
    Example sentences
    • Thank you Mrs Peck, as usual you have been very helpful.
    • Since the mother is ill, she may not be able to care for her baby as she would if she were well.
    • The bout was, as was the case back then, a slow-paced fight compared to the fights of today.
    5.2 (defining) it would be the end of civilization as we know it
    significaría el fin de la civilización tal y como la conocemos
    I'm only interested in the changes as they affect me
    solo me interesan los cambios en la medida en que me afectan a mí
    Sri Lanka, or Ceylon, as it used to be known Paris as seen by tourists is a very different city
    el París que ven los turistas es una ciudad muy distinta
    their position, as opposed to ours
    su postura, en contraste con la nuestra
    5.3 (in phrases) as it iswe can't publish it as it is
    no podemos publicarlo tal y como está
    no podemos publicarlo así como está
    the system, as it is at present
    el sistema, tal y como es ahora
    we've got too much work as it is
    ya tenemos demasiado trabajo
    as it were as wasour new president, our secretary as was
    el nuevo presidente, exsecretario de nuestra organización
    Sri Lanka or Ceylon as was
    Sri Lanka o la antigua Ceilán
  • 6 (in comparisons of equal degree) as … as
    tan … como
    I am as tall as you (are)
    soy tan alta como tú
    I left as soon as I could manage
    me fui en cuanto pude
    there weren't as many people as (there were) last time
    no había tanta gente como la última vez
    I bought as much as I usually do
    compré tanto como de costumbre
    she's not as efficient as she claims to be
    no es tan eficiente como pretende
    as many people as ask will be helped
    se ayudará a cuantas personas lo soliciten
    I'm as much a patriot as any of you
    soy tan patriota como cualquiera de ustedes
    she ran as fast as she could
    corrió tan rápido como pudo or lo más deprisa que pudo
    tighten it up as much as you can
    apriétalo lo más que puedas
    the sky was as blue as blue could be
    el cielo estaba azul, azul
    I'll be as quiet as possible
    estaré lo más callado posible
    Example sentences
    • Police arrested as many as 150 people for participating in a rare public protest to call for reforms.
    • The plan is less than the estimates of some analysts, who had said the company may have to pay as much as $4 billion.
    • Now the chimp is an endangered species, with as few as 150,000 chimps left in the wild.
  • 7as if/as though he acts as if or as though he didn't care
    se comporta como si no le importara
    she made as if to open the door
    hizo como si fuera a abrir la puerta
    as if I'm to blame!
    ¡como si yo tuviera la culpa!
    he looks as if or as though he's had enough
    tiene cara de estar harto


  • 1 (equally) it's not as cold today
    hoy no hace tanto frío
    I can't run as quickly now
    no puedo correr tan rápido ahora
    I have lots of stamps, but he has just as many/twice as many
    yo tengo muchos sellos, pero él tiene tantos como yo/el doble (que yo)
    I eat a lot, but he eats just as much
    yo como mucho, pero él come tanto como yo
    I was disgusted and said as much
    estaba asqueado y lo dije
    she's very considerate and I wish I could say as much for you
    es muy considerada y me gustaría poder decir lo mismo de ti
    Example sentences
    • He's not as big as you think he is.
    • A microprocessor, as small as a postage stamp, performs thousands of calculations per second based on readings from the sensor.
    • They know the company as well as I do.
  • 2as … asthese animals grow to as much as 12ft long
    estos animales llegan a medir 12 pies de largo
    this was still happening as recently as 1976
    esto seguía sucediendo aún en 1976
    as long ago as 1960
    ya en 1960
    as many as 400 people may come
    pueden venir hasta 400 personas
    without as much as a smile
    sin (ni) siquiera una sonrisa
  • 3 (for example) [formal] there are some moving moments, as when …
    hay momentos conmovedores, como cuando …


  • 1 1.1 (in the condition, role of) as a child she adored dancing
    de pequeña or cuando era pequeña le encantaba bailar
    as a teacher/diplomat …
    como maestro/diplomático …
    she was brilliant as Cleopatra
    estuvo genial en el papel de Cleopatra
    he works as a clerk
    trabaja de oficinista
    she was dressed/disguised as a man
    estaba vestida/disfrazada de hombre
    he strikes me as a fool
    me parece un tonto
    me da la impresión de ser un tonto
    1.2 (like) they answered as one man
    respondieron como un solo hombre
  • 2 (indicating perception, portrayal) we regard this policy as mistaken
    consideramos equivocada esta política
    this strikes me as brilliant
    esto me parece brillante


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