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American English: /əˈtæk/
British English: /əˈtak/

Translation of attack in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 countable and uncountable (physical, verbal) to launch an attack
    lanzar un ataque
    terrorist attacks
    atentados (masculine plural) terroristas
    a three-pronged attack
    un ataque en tres frentes
    attack is the best form of defense
    el ataque es la mejor defensa
    attack on/against something/somebody
    ataque a/contra algo/alguien
    to come/be under attack
    ser atacado
    traditional values are under attack
    los valores tradicionales se ven amenazados
    to return to the attack to go over to the attack
    pasar al ataque
    the division had left itself open to attack from the rear
    la retaguardia de la división había quedado al descubierto
    this policy leaves them open to attack from the opposition
    esta política los expone a los ataques de la oposición
    Example sentences
    • They were shot as they launched an attack on the police station using guns and a bomb in the bucket of a mechanical digger.
    • Last week, terrorists launched an attack on government facilities in Saudi Arabia.
    • Five teenagers have been charged following an attack on a police officer which left him needing 10 stitches to his head.
    Example sentences
    • His sporadic cinematic output has been combined with fierce public attacks on the general media situation.
    • The Opposition Leader intensified his attack on the Prime Minister, insisting he had lied to the public.
    • In a fierce attack on both Labour and the Tories, he urged all parties to reach a consensus on how the NHS should be managed.
    1.2 countable (Medicine) asthma/panic attack
    ataque (masculine) de asma/pánico
    heart attack
    infarto (masculine)
    ataque (masculine) cardíaco or al corazón
    she had or suffered an attack
    le dio un ataque
    he's suffered several attacks of malaria
    ha tenido malaria varias veces
    an anxiety attack
    un ataque de ansiedad
    Example sentences
    • There was a past history of migraine attacks and bouts of coughing.
    • The illness results in recurrent attacks of chills and fever and can be deadly.
    • Collins suffered from severe attacks of a rheumatic illness which caused him great pain, only relieved by the use of opium.
  • 2 uncountable and countable (part of team) (British) (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • It pitched the team with the finest defence against the team with the finest attack.
    • Nel added that the South African team had a different attack, with different dimensions, for the last Test.
    • Man of the Match went to Paula Clayton who led the attack and was a central player in an excellent team performance.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1
    I felt I was being attacked
    me sentí agredida
    Example sentences
    • The government deployed additional military forces to attack terrorist strongholds.
    • While the band was waiting for authorization to enter the States as working musicians, terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre.
    • The Blackfoot became respected as an aggressive military force, attacking and destroying several trading posts in their territory.
    Example sentences
    • Police said the man was shot and killed when he attempted to attack police.
    • She also assured us that the jaguar is not a man-eater - in fact there are no recorded cases of a person being attacked or killed by a jaguar in an unprovoked situation.
    • But immediately after the elections violence broke out and several houses were set on fire and people were attacked and killed.
    Example sentences
    • The play was fiercely attacked by critics and made headline news in the tabloids.
    • She is now making a television programme which attacks those who oppose fox hunting.
    • He was fiercely attacked, and even some figures who privately sympathized with his views were too cowed to defend him publicly.
    (rust/disease) (harm) atacar
    Example sentences
    • Leaves attacked by insects or disease, on the other hand, die under duress, spotted and curled.
    • The lack of nutrients in the white-sand soil means that plants cannot afford to be attacked by insects, because lost leaf tissue is difficult to replace.
    • Relieving stress made sense to me because in my work I had seen that plants under stress were the ones most likely to be attacked by diseases and pests.
  • 2 2.1 (begin enthusiastically)
    Example sentences
    • Is there something that you would suggest be put in place that would begin to attack that problem?
    • Overnight some of the mail team began attacking the problem.
    • If we truly want to effect change on an aging business practice and culture, we need to attack the problem from both within and without.
    2.2 (deal with)

intransitive verb

(Military, Sport)
  • 2
    also: attacking present participle
    de ataque
    de ataque
    the team plays good attacking football
    el equipo tiene un buen juego ofensivo
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