Translation of attempt in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /əˈtempt/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1.1 (have a try at) candidates should attempt all questions los examinandos deben intentar responder a todas las preguntas [formal] she attempted a smile intentó sonreír he is going to attempt the exam again va a presentarse al examen otra vez he had attempted the north face before ya había intentado escalar la ladera norte 1.2 (try) to attempt to + infinitive/infinitivo/-ing tratar de or intentar + infinitive/infinitivo to attempt to beat the record tratar de or intentar batir el récord don't attempt walking yet no trate de or no intente caminar todavía
    More example sentences
    • Trying to cement her position she pushes the team into attempting an exceptionally difficult human pyramid move.
    • That's when she was forced to attempt the most difficult vault of the competition over a kneeling horse.
    • The purpose of this article is to attempt the difficult task of trying to describe how the Indians developed this ingenious system.
    (attempted past participle of/participio pasado de)
    attempted suicide intento (masculine) de suicidio attempted murder/robbery tentativa (feminine) de asesinato/robo attempted coup intentona (feminine) golpista


  • intento (masculine) he broke his arm in the attempt se rompió un brazo en el intento at o (especially American English/especialmente inglés norteamericano) on the first attempt a la primera (tentativa), al primer intento at least they made the attempt al menos lo intentaron, al menos hicieron la tentativaattempt to + infinitive/infinitivo in my attempt to avoid the other car … al tratar de or intentar esquivar el otro coche … they made no attempt to be polite no hicieron ningún esfuerzo para ser cortesesattempt at sth/-ing I made an attempt at conversation traté de or intenté entablar conversación their attempts at lighting a fire failed fracasaron en su intento de encender fuego she had another attempt at the record volvió a intentar batir el récord to make an attempt on sb's life atentar contra la vida de algn

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