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American English: /əˈθɔrədi/
British English: /ɔːˈθɒrɪti/

Translation of authority in Spanish:

noun plural authorities

  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (power) they have no respect for authority
    no respetan la autoridad
    those in authority
    los que tienen la autoridad
    los que mandan
    to have authority over somebody/something
    tener autoridad sobre alguien/algo
    I have no authority in the matter
    no tengo competencia en el asunto
    I'm not in a position of authority
    no tengo autoridad
    to exercise one's authority
    ejercer su ( or mi etc. ) autoridad
    Example sentences
    • That is vital if soldiers are to trust those in authority over them.
    • And this fact will, no doubt, be trumpeted as a success by those set in authority over us.
    • You may clash with somebody in authority over an important and complex matter in what could turn out to be a difficult period.
    1.2 (authorization)authority to + infinitive
    autorización (feminine) para + infinitive
    he had my authority to do it
    tenía mi autorización para hacerlo
    he acted without proper authority
    actuó sin la debida autorización
    to exceed one's authority [formal]
    excederse en el ejercicio de sus atribuciones [formal]
    Example sentences
    • The accused approached government officials, seeking authority to leave the country.
    • No change of the publication regime is planned, his staff discovers, and the officials involved have no authority to issue any print licenses.
    • And agents do not have permission and have no authority, no jurisdiction to work on Jordanian soil.
    1.3 (authoritativeness) I can speak with some authority on this subject
    puedo hablar del tema con cierta autoridad
    his voice carried authority
    su voz denotaba autoridad
    the champion played with real authority
    el campeón jugó con verdadera maestría
    Example sentences
    • One man in particular stood out amongst them, standing with authority and giving commands to anyone who came near.
    • He rose quickly in an army which appreciated his soldierly presence and natural authority.
    • But my enthusiasm waned slightly as I began to realise there are only so many colours that can be cited as ‘lucky’ with authority.
  • 2 countable (person, body) I will pass on your complaint to the proper authority or authorities
    haré llegar su queja a la(s) autoridad(es) competente(s)
    the education authority (esp British)
    (distrito escolar y autoridades correspondientes)
    the council is a government authority set up to …
    el concejo es una entidad gubernamental creada para …
    she was detained by the Belgian authorities
    fue detenida por las autoridades belgas
    the museum authorities
    la dirección del museo
    Example sentences
    • Apart from the politicians and the health authorities, economists are also worried.
    • These, then, are the various powers under which governmental authorities may act.
    • They are also calling for powers to allow authorities to intervene to protect young people who are at risk from drugs.
  • 3 countable 3.1 (expert)authority (on something) he is an authority on the subject
    es una autoridad en la materia
    Example sentences
    • The early Dissenters and Separatists of the late 15th century were his specialist study, and he became an authority on this subject.
    • Names are so hard to get right - and he is an authority on the subject.
    • She has been 6 years with this work and is clearly now an authority on the subject.
    3.2 (source) my authority for (saying) this is the Bible itself
    me baso en la propia Biblia
    to have something on good authority
    saber algo de buena fuente
    I have it on the best authority that …
    sé de la mejor de las fuentes que …
    I have it on his own authority that …
    él mismo me ha dicho que …
    Example sentences
    • None of the books quotes any sources or authorities for its statements, and all have pathetic indexes.
    • Changes of this sort would, I feel, help to establish the book as an important authority in this crucial and fast-changing field.
    • He was not able to produce any authority in support of his proposition.
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