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Pronunciation: /ˈbækgraʊnd/


  • 1.1 (of picture, scene) fondo (masculine) against a white background sobre un fondo blanco I could hear voices in the background oía voces en el fondo she prefers to stay in the background prefiere permanecer en un segundo plano the public knows little of what goes on in the background el público sabe poco de lo que pasa entre bastidores 1.2 (of events) background (to sth) antecedentes (masculine plural)(de algo) the background to the story los antecedentes del caso you have to look at the background to the strike hay que considerar las circunstancias que llevaron a la huelga or el contexto en que se dio la huelga against a background of rising inflation en un momento de creciente inflación
    More example sentences
    • Due to the number of calls regarding this, I'm including a little background information on the situation.
    • These organizations emerged against the background of a deepening economic and political crisis and an increasing entrenchment of racism.
    • But the background information about Yao Ming's upbringing is fascinating.
    1.3 (of person) (— origin) origen (masculine); (— education) formación (feminine), currículum (masculine); (— previous activities) experiencia (feminine) from a working-class background de clase obrera he comes from a religious background creció en un ambiente religioso her background is in research su experiencia/formación profesional es en el campo de la investigación
    More example sentences
    • We're providing very little incentive for students from social and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to come into education.
    • We all have different sensitivities, social backgrounds, families and different experiences of discipline and violence in real life.
    • One of the main aims of this project is not just to widen the cohort of volunteers, but also to make sure that young people of different social backgrounds can come together in a common experience.


  • (before noun/delante del nombre) [noise/music] de fondo he'll give you some background information él te informará sobre la situación ( or el contexto, los antecedentes etc) she gave a short background talk dio una pequeña charla de introducción al tema

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