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American English: /ˈbækwərd/
British English: /ˈbakwəd/

Translation of backward in Spanish:


  • 1 (before noun)
    hacia atrás
    without so much as a backward glance
    sin ni siquiera una mirada atrás
    that would be a backward step
    eso sería un paso atrás
    Example sentences
    • The real giveaway is the female's hidden pouch, albeit backward opening, for rearing its young.
    • Alvin slapped the door shut behind him with a backward scrape of his heel, to muffle the shouting from the neighbors, and sidled along the wall away from her.
    • The fur naps to the rear, thus sliding forward and resisting backward movement.
  • 2 (dated or offensive)
    retrasado (dated or offensive)
    Example sentences
    • The Scandinavian monarchies were transformed from poor and rather backward societies into prosperous agricultural democracies.
    • A progressive president and a backward parliament rarely go well together.
    • The first one suggests that the backward economies can make rapid progress by imitating the leaders.
    Example sentences
    • The parents in this film are not the cliche and are not those backward people who scream and say don't go out.
    • But the number of these backward people was steadily decreasing.
    • But we in the Western society have called them primitive, as backward people, that we need to come and somehow or other educate.
  • 4she's/he's not exactly backward in coming forward
    es muy echada/echado p'alante [colloquial]

also: (esp British), backwardsPronunciation: /-z/ adverb

  • 1 (toward rear)
    hacia atrás
    to bend or lean over backward
    hacer lo imposible
    I've bent over backward to help you
    he hecho lo imposible por ayudarte
    know 1 1 1
  • 2 (back first)
    hacia atrás
  • 3 (back to front, in reverse order) you've done it all backward
    lo has hecho todo al revés
    you've put your sweater on backward (US)
    te has puesto el suéter al revés
  • 4backward(s) and forward(s)he worked the lever backward(s) and forward(s)
    le dio a la palanca para atrás y para adelante
    the door was swinging backward(s) and forward(s) in the wind
    la puerta se mecía con el viento
    I've been going backward(s) and forward(s) all day between the house and the hospital
    me he pasado el día de acá para allá or para arriba y para abajo entre la casa y el hospital
    (before noun) backward-and-forward movement
    movimiento (masculine) de vaivén
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