There are 2 translations of bail in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /beɪl/


  • 1 u [Law] fianza (f) he was released on bail fue puesto en libertad bajo fianza to post o stand bail for sb pagar* la fianza de algn to grant/refuse bail to sb concederle/denegarle* la libertad bajo fianza a algn to jump bail huir* estando en libertad bajo fianza
    More example sentences
    • The defendants were released on bail at Cork District Court yesterday for sentencing on February 15.
    • A Kirkwall man was released on bail from Kirkwall Sheriff Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to assault and breach of the peace.
    • Howley was charged with the first of these alleged offences on Friday - two days after he was released on bail from Kirkwall Sheriff Court for a catalogue of admitted crimes.
    More example sentences
    • His family today confirmed they cannot pay the five million drachma bail money which has been set by the judges presiding over his case.
    • The great grandson of the famed make-up artist was supposed to be wearing an electronic tracking device while free on $1 million bail.
    • If one of the world's most famous entertainers did not show up in one hour, he would be sent to jail, losing $3 million bail.
  • 2 c (on typewriter) barra (f) pisapapeles

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There are 2 translations of bail in Spanish:



  • 1.1 [Law] poner* en libertad bajo fianza 1.2 [Naut] achicar*
    More example sentences
    • Prisoners being bailed to return to the station will also be dealt with separately from those being kept in custody.
    • He was bailed to appear at Swadlincote Magistrates' Court on 12 th October.
    • We see no necessity for a defendant who is bailed to be expressly warned that, if he absconds, he may be tried in his absence, for that has been the English common law for over a century.

Phrasal verbs

bail out

v + o + adv, v + adv + o 1.1 [Law] to bail sb out pagarle* la fianza a algn 1.2 [Naut] [water] achicar* 1.1v + o + adv, v + adv + o 2.1 (rescue) sacar* de apuros, echarle un cable a [familiar/colloquial] to bail sb out (of trouble) sacar* a algn de apuros 2.2 [Fin] [bank] rescatar 1.2v + adv [Aviat] tirarse en paracaídas he bailed out of the burning plane se tiró en paracaídas del avión en llamas

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