There are 2 translations of balance in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈbæləns/


  • 1 c (apparatus) balanza (f) to be o hang in the balance estar* en el aire, estar* pendiente de un hilo tip2 1 2 1
    More example sentences
    • The atomic weight of an element - the quantity chemists could weigh with scales and balances - depends on the number of protons and neutrons, which have virtually equal masses.
    • In 1669 he invented the Roberval balance which is now almost universally used for weighing scales of the balance type.
    • By application of substitution weighing some systematic errors of the beam balance are omitted.
  • 2 u 2.1 (physical) equilibrio (m) to keep/lose one's balance mantener*/perder* el equilibrio the blow caught him off balance el golpe lo agarró or (Esp) lo cogió desprevenido to throw sb off balance (disconcert) desconcertar* a algn (lit: topple) hacer* que algn pierda el equilibrio 2.2 u (equilibrium) equilibrio (m) the wheel is out of balance [Auto] la rueda está desequilibrada or (AmL tb) desbalanceada mental balance equilibrio mental the balance of power el equilibrio político or de poder, la correlación de fuerzas the Liberals hold the balance of power los Liberales son el partido bisagra to achieve/maintain a balance lograr/mantener* un equilibrio to redress the balance restablecer* el equilibrio to strike a balance dar* con el justo medio
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    • What is the correct balance between avoiding discriminatory employment practices and giving good customer service and applying good old common sense?
    • Reasonable and accurate perceptions, therefore, are key to striking the correct balance between work and procrastination.
    • The strategic issue for a country's leadership is to decide what is the correct balance between guns and butter.
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    • Religious certitude, for many fundamentalists, is the portal to cognitive balance and emotional stability.
    • When your emotional balance stabilizes, you may think differently.
    • With the sudden highs and disturbing lows, especially in the fragile lives of young celebs, mental peace and balance is hard to maintain.
    2.3 u (in artistic composition) equilibrio (m)
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    • Myers has created a place where opposites meet and strike a natural, harmonious balance.
    • Raphael absorbed the classical qualities of harmony, clarity and balance which were always after associated with him.
    • This portrait visualized the sense of order and balance, by the organization of line, expression of the figure and his gesture.
    2.4 [Audio] balance (m)
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    • The Nighthawk uses touchpad controls for power, volume and sound balance.
    • It was taped at the Royal Festival Hall on the 18th of September 1983 in immaculate sound and balance.
    • Many portions of Tchaikovsky's Fourth benefit from a lighter sound and more balance among sections.
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    • Judo, I have been told, is all about exploiting subtle changes in balance and weight distribution.
    • The vertical semi-circular canals of the human ear are very large (unlike those of apes), to enable upright balance.
    • If your bridge elbow is locked, this is a sure sign of of poor balance and weight distribution.
  • 3 c (counterweight) balance (to sth) contrapeso (m)(a algo)
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    • Allow centrifugal force to provide balance while both skates tip onto their left edges in the turn.
    • Disparate methods for defining force and torque balances and for calculating the mass balance of receptors therefore result.
    • The three-way balance between centrifugal force, Coriolos force, and the pressure-gradient force is called the gradient flow.
  • 4 c [Fin] 4.1 (in accounting) balance (m) closing balance balance final or de cierre balance carried down o forward remanente (m) a cuenta nueva on balance, the changes have been beneficial a fin de cuentas, los cambios han resultado beneficiosos the balance of the evidence las pruebas consideradas en su conjunto the balance of opinion la opinión general 4.2
    (bank balance)
    saldo (m) credit balance saldo acreedor
    4.3 (difference, remainder) resto (m); (of sum of money) saldo (m) balance outstanding saldo pendiente
    More example sentences
    • It therefore set off without notice the credit balance in the current account against the sum due under the loan account.
    • The credit balance in your current account offsets your mortgage debt, reducing your interest bill even more.
    • This reflects the myth that the trust funds' balances represent an asset.
    More example sentences
    • That means that your payments won't touch the new charges until your original balance transfer has been paid off.
    • You must pay this fee even if you pay off your balance when your credit card bill arrives.
    • I juggled five credit cards in college and always paid the entire balance on time each month.
    More example sentences
    • To get days off, he continually dips his hands into his quickly dwindling leave balance.
    • Sitting at the end of the longest of three piers, our feet dangling off the edge, we spent the balance of the hour watching it arrive.
    • Any squad member violating this rule will be dismissed from his or her respective squad for the balance of that particular season.

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There are 2 translations of balance in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 [load] equilibrar; [object] mantener* or sostener* en equilibrio he put out his arms to balance himself extendió los brazos para no perder el equilibrio
    More example sentences
    • It was balanced on top of a piece of wood, supported by 2 beer crates stacked one on the other and in between each song, he would have to reposition it because it was vibrating so much from the sound that it kept creeping towards the edge.
    • It is hard not to gasp at the speed of the ascent and my admiration is more marked, and more edgy, because I know that the whole structure is balanced on a bearing the size of a small, round coffee table, like a pencil poised on the tip of its lead.
    • The Lartique system comprises only a single rail - the carriages are balanced on either side so the operator has to be careful that it wasn't top heavy on one side.
    1.2 [Auto] [wheel] equilibrar, balancear (AmL) 1.3 (counteract) servir* de contrapeso a
    More example sentences
    • Hadi emphasized the importance of balancing the outdoor and indoor lights to create a comfortable lighting for the eyes.
    • Any proposed increase had to be balanced with the limiting effect of the ability of the poor to pay for the goods, and the likelihood of rioting if the impost was seen as too onerous.
    • You are challenged to understand the importance of balancing the five balls.
    1.4 (weigh up) sopesarto balance sth against sth you have to balance the risks against the likely profit tienes que sopesar los riesgos y los posibles beneficios
    More example sentences
    • It was a case that cuts to the heart of rural life, in which a woman's shock and horror at seeing her beloved pet shot dead in front of her and virtually on her own doorstep was balanced against a farmer's right to protect his livestock.
    • ‘The fears of a US retaliation affecting Middle East oil producers is balanced against worries about recession,’ he said.
    • It should be noted that broad meritocracy might be upheld either as a complete view of social justice or as one justice value to be balanced against others.
  • 2 [Fin] [account] hacer* el balance de to balance the books hacer* cuadrar las cuentas to balance one's budget ajustar el presupuesto
    More example sentences
    • But the costs of benchmarking will make it almost impossible to balance the national accounts if the economy fails to return to the boom times.
    • When the Spanish speakers pick up the pace and the volume, it's an auditory cue to stop reading your newspaper, balancing your checking account or writing your article.
    • I'll give up my Palm Pilot once pen and paper can do all the math for balancing my checking account on its own.
    More example sentences
    • The difference is that she handles the money, keeps the chequing account balanced and the bills paid.
    • Whatever the reason, a deficit will ensue if not enough money is entering the current account to balance out what is exiting.
    • Nevertheless, visual debits were more than balanced out by vocal credits.


  • 1.1 (hold position) mantener* el equilibrio 1.2 [Fin] [account] cuadrar
    More example sentences
    • She raised her right hand to her forehead, leaving the left to help her remain balanced on her feet.
    • Its best to keep making adjustments to remain centered and balanced on all levels of consciousness, that is, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
    • Now sit balanced on a Swiss ball with your legs extended and toes pointed.

Phrasal verbs

balance out

v + adv compensarse it all balances out in the end al final una cosa compensa la otra 1.1v + o + adv, v + adv + o compensar the losses and the gains balance one another out las pérdidas y las ganancias se compensan

balance up

v + o + adv 1.1 (weigh up) sopesar 1.2 (even out, make level) igualar 1.1v + adv (add up) [figures] cuadrar

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